Prevention Against Cancer- Prefer Food Based Diets

By Dana Smith

Cancer is a deadliest disease and the cure for it is also very rare, if detected at later stage. It has been reported that there is a big increase in the rates of cancer in the US since 1940. Cancer is spreading its hands not only in U.S.A. but all around the world and even children are also not protected from this non curable disease. There are some foods, which actually increases the risk of cancer, while others support your body and strengthen your immune system. You can protect your health and boost your ability to fight cancer by making smart food choices.


Prevention against cancer- Prefer Food Based Diets

There are various anti cancer diets, which help people in leading a prosperous life. Some of the diets are as follows:


Plant based foods:

The best diet for fighting cancer is plant-based diet, which includes a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. People may prefer foods that come from plants like nuts, grains and beans also. These plant based foods are very effective among people because of their less processing and high cancer fighting nutrients.

Some simple tips for getting more plant-based foods in your diet:

• Breakfast: You can add fruit and nuts to your whole grain breakfast cereal like oatmeal.

• Lunch: You can prefer a big salad bowl with lots of beans and peas or other combo of veggies like carrots, sauerkraut or a piece of fruit.

• Dinner: You can have your favorite pasta sauce or rice dish along with a baked potato with broccoli and yogurt or with salsa. To stay fit and healthy replace creamy pasta sauces, with vegetables or tomato sauce made with olive oil.


Cut down on meat:

A U.S. research has proved that vegetarians are about fifty percent less likely to develop cancer than those who eat meat because meat lacks fiber content and other nutrients that have cancer-protective properties.


Choose your fats wisely:

Always try to have low fat food because high fat food like dairy products and meat increases your risk for many types of cancer. But cutting fat entirely is not the only solution against cancer, in fact, some types of fat may actually protect against cancer. You have to choose wisely that what type of food you should eat, these are:

• Fats that increase cancer risk– It has been proved that the two most damaging fats are saturated fats and Trans fats. The saturated fats are mainly found in animal products like red meat, dairy products and eggs, whereas, Trans fats are hydrogenated oils that are created by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make them more solid and is very bad for your health.

• Fats that decrease cancer risk–Unsaturated fats come from plants are the best foods against cancer. These include olive oil and canola oil. 

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