Predigested Protein For Muscle

Using Predigested Protein To Increase Muscle Growth

Consuming small quantities of predigested protein during a weight workout to increase muscle growth. According to  researchers from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. The published their study in the American Journal of Physiology. In this day and age, in physique sports, athletics, and everyday fitness enthusiasts, recovery and growth is the major concern. Working out and not getting optimal recovery and proper nutrition is akin to cutting off ones nose to spite their face. In a perfect world, we would exercise the proper minimum amount to be able to elicit the maximum growth response of the muscle. So once we exercise, how do we recover and more importantly make gains. The key according to this study is a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

The Study And How It Was Carried Out

10 subjects were included in this experiment. During a full body workout, the subjects were given different combinations of things to drink every 15 minutes. One time they were all given 0.15 g sugars per kg bodyweight per hour. Half of this solution consisted of glucose and the other half maltodextrin. On another occasion, they were given proteins in addition to the carbohydrate mixture. The subjects were given 0.15 g PeptoPro per kg bodyweight per hour on top of the sugars. PeptoPro is a predigested protein comprised of casein hydrolysate that the body absorbs ultra fast. It does so do to the fact that it is broken down into di and tri peptides. These are rapidly absorbed by the body. To create a more realistic result, the researchers had the athletes train at the end of the day after consuming a diet that was roughly 60% carbohydrates, 14% proteins, and 26% fats. Most studies are done with test subjects consuming the solution on an empty stomach. This actually gives a more realistic result given that most people eat before working out. This resulted in 8% reduction in muscle breakdown and a 33% increase in increased muscle growth as a result of ingesting a combination of predigested proteins and carbohydrates. Thats a whopping 41% net increase in muscle protein synthesis.

The Take Away Message and Future Thoughts

The researchers found it to be a bit of an enigma trying to find the root cause of how predigested protein and carbohydrate supplementation causes increased muscle growth. Eating normal protein before training stimulates muscle synthesis because the protein means the muscles have a larger amino acid pool available post training. PeptoPro is the most quickly absorbed protein available. It enters the bloodstream almost immediately as it is comprised of di and tri peptides.. It could be of benefit to have a larger supply of amino acids available to the muscles during a training session. The scientists hypothesize that this leads to direct synthesis of muscle.”Even in a fed state, protein co-ingestion prior to and during resistance type exercise improves whole-body protein balance and stimulates muscle protein synthesis during exercise”, the researchers conclude. “Protein co-ingestion prior to and during resistance type exercise might be advocated to further improve skeletal muscle reconditioning during resistance-type exercise training.” In an interesting little sidebar, this study was funded by DSM, the manufacturers of PeptoPro. In all business, follow the money! This may have skewed the studies final results.



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