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Preacher Bicep Curl

Since I started lifting weights way back in 1984, I always liked an impressive set of arms on physiques. I remember seeing Pumping Iron and Arnold doing the preacher bicep curl and it blew my mind. After that, I worked very hard at developing my arms so I too could have impressive shirt sleeve stuffing “guns” just like Arnold. What I learned over the years is that building a great set of arms takes more than just a haphazard approach. To really make a show stopping set of arms, you have to use the best exercises in proper combinations. You want to utilize the maximum amount of angles to recruit as much muscle fibers as possible. I feel every workout should have either a barbell or dumbell curl in it as the “base.” These movements make the most “bang for the buck” when it comes to recruiting the maximal amount of muscle fibers, thus eliciting the maximum amount of growth possible. I also feel that there should be a movement that focuses on brachialis/brachioradialis development. But my all time favorite movement is any form of preacher curl. People always would say, “if you want to fill in the area by your elbow, you need preacher curls.” While I don’t really buy into that, I do like to use different leverage points to move the stress around.

Biceps Brachii

Why The Preacher Bicep Curl?

If you look at the different types of bicep movements, a great deal of the variations are done with the humerus (upper arm bone) straight down by the side. When you do a preacher curl, that arm is now 45 degrees between O degrees(arm down by the side) and 90 degrees(if arm was perpendicular to the body). By using the preacher apparatus, you will stress the bicep in a unique manner. It makes the lower portion of the movement the more difficult portion, thus the belief that it is the optimal way to “build” the lower bicep area. What I do know is that it eliminates a great deal of the cheating that goes on with regular curls. I like that I can really slow it down and hyper focus the stress into the belly of the bicep. It will ultimately lead to better bicep development when used over time. i like to do different variations. One arm, both arms, barbell, dumbell, and cables. I honestly feel this movement is the key to great arms.

How To Perform The Preacher Bicep Curl?

You want to get a weight that you can handle fairly easily for 15 reps the first set, and pyramid up in weight and down in reps to perhaps 8 repetitions. This is a bit old school, but the most effective and safe manner to maximize growth and minimize risk. It does no good to build bigger biceps if you tear one. This method ensures that the biceps are warmed up in the SPECIFIC movement(preacher curl) because the stress is much different than barbell curls or hammer curls. It is imperative to stop short of fully straightening out the elbow joint. This will protect the joint and also avoid putting the bicep into too weak a position bio-mechanically speaking. Squeeze all the way to the top just like you are flexing your biceps against the weight. This will keep the tension perfect. Control both the concentric(raising) and eccentric(lowering) of the weight, This increases the time under tension and puts more metabolic stress on the bicep. Do these for the given amount of reps. Make sure the rest is adequate so that you can use a sufficiently heavy weight to maximize growth. Do every single rep to the best of your abilities. They truly are the base of your workout. If you do all perfect repetitions, your workout will then be perfect as a result. Put the preacher curl in any variation into your workout today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Peri-Workout Nutrition

Pre- workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse and 2 scoops Wyked 3.0 and 1 scoop Nocturnus 30 mins before training.

Intra-workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse

Post workout: 1 scoop Intrafuse




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