Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout Supplements

Many people are interested in what pre workout supplements are right for them. There are a number of factors when trying to determine what to take pre workout.

Nocturnus Nighttime Pre-workout

The absolute best pumps a pre workout can deliver: Nocturnus!


What are your goals? Different goals necessitate different supplements, especially pre workout supplements. Most people would either like to lose fat or build muscle. Many ignorant newbies want to do both at the same time, and just spin their wheels and accomplish nothing. I myself do this several months a year, a solid recomposition program is working, and you ease off this and ease off that and before you know it you’re just maintaining.

Fat Loss

To burn fat you generally want to be in a low insulin state going into the workout. This means no carbs before you lift. In this state Growth Hormone (GH) will be released and along with cortisol will torch fat while preserving muscle. To facilitate this different compounds can help.
Marus Alba and Kudzu increase your natural growth hormone production when your lifting to protect your muscles from the ravages of cortisol. It amplifies cortisols effect on burning fat as well! its a double whammy hormone and the most important for fat loss while sleeping or lifting. Wyked 2.1 and Nocturnus are the only pre workout supplements with these natural growth hormone releasing ingredients. Nocturnus is the only night time GH formula to have these ingredients.

DHT and it’s Prohormones 17-Pro Andro and Epiandro bind to the fat cell directly and burn off fat. DHT binds to the aromatase enzyme and prevents aromatase from converting testosterone (good) to estrogen (bad). DHT also binds to the nervous system making you more aggressive and stronger. DHT forces more water into your muscle cells making your hydraulic strength increase. The prescription drug Anavar is the most common designer DHT that women love to use. Epi-1-Test is a legal alternative to Anavar.

Caffeine increases cellular metabolism allowing all cells to use more energy, this means you’re burning more fat through your workout.

Yohimbine targets the fat you want to burn when applied topically, not the fat you really might need like breast tissue on women.

L-Carnitine transports the fat to the mitochondria where that fat is actually ‘burned‘ for energy. Thyroid hormones like T3 or T2 will increase mitochondrial activity and decrease the amount of energy you get from each gram of fat. Thus making you burn more fat to get the same amount of work done.

Prescription drugs like clenbuterol and T3 do have a very powerful effect, but unlike the over the counter and legal supplements on this online store these prescription drugs have severe down sides. Clen can permanently decrease your lung function, basically abusing this asthma medication can give you asthma. T3 will eat off muscle tissue, this is opposite of T2 which has been shown to increase muscle size WHEN ENOUGH CALORIES ARE CONSUMED which can never happen when on a fat burning calorie deficit diet. Unless your carb back loading of course.

All of these ingredients are available for men in the Basic Cut Stack.

For women we have the Women’s Tone And Lean Stack. and Epi-1-Test a la carte for those who wish to convert from Anavar to a legal alternative.

I personally researched the best things to take for fat loss pre workout and designed the products to fit my research. Other companies do not have any actual Medical Doctors specialized in hormones and fat loss developing their products. In fact they may not have anyone with any degree what-so-ever. That’s certainly how it seems from their ingredient labels.

What most other companies do have are marketers; Lay people who choose what are popular internet searched ingredients, and slap them together in trace amounts to market their overpriced garbage to desperate misinformed consumers. Almost none of these products have the correct amounts of the correct ingredients administered at the correct times when coupled with the correct diet for the particular goal, in this case fat loss.

For instance there is no NO (Nitric Oxide) in the product NO Bull. Thus it’s just plain Bull. They can call it NO Bull as long as they don’t claim it has NO in it or contains NO precursors. It’s not illegal, its your fault for falling for the deception that because the NAME has NO in it the PRODUCT is made with NO. Perhaps if our government were not dishonest people the laws would not protect the dishonest marketers.

Remember those toy commercials where there were cartoon characters do cool stuff? Then you buy the toy and its lifeless plastic; the action figures don’t actually move? Thats just like the supplement industry; wildly false claims with nothing but caffeine and carbs so you ‘feel’ it ‘working’.

Muscular Development

For purposes of muscle growth I have already mentioned T2 pre workout when in a high carb/high insulin state will help grow strength and size fibers. Other critical pre workout ingredients are:

Creatine has been proven after 25 years of testing to be completely safe and very effective at increasing muscle size and even causing cell splitting; the formation of new muscle cells.

Betaine is a little known ingredient which increases the amount of IGF-1 receptors. IGF-1 is the most important element for cell splitting. This means you grow more muscle from hard training. And of course if you’re taking an IGF-1 product it will work much better.

L-Carnitine also increases the amount of androgen receptors making your natural testosterone and any prohormones your on work better at growing muscle.

Nitric Oxide is the cliche term for a pre workout but most on the marked don’t have the arginine, agmatine sulfate, or citrulline you need to actually generate more Nitric Oxide. Thus they are sham products.

prohormones to DHT will make you stronger as I described above. Thus your lifting heavier weight and doing more damage to the tissue and if you’re eating enough and taking all the right supplements like Betaine you will benefit from this increased muscle damage.

4-Andro is a prohormone to testosterone. It is not a natural testosterone booster, it is the closest you can legally come to testosterone you would get from your doctor. This is great for people fed up with the system and want to take their hormone replacement therapy into the best hands, their own.

For putting on the most size possible use the Advanced Mass Stack. For people less aggressive about getting gains try getting your feet wet with the Basic Mass Stack.

For those who are not interested in prohormones please try Wyked 2.1 and see why everyone is making the switch.


Most people associate pre workouts with a crazy stimulant based high. The truth is although this helps with fat loss it’s not ideal for muscle growth. For that reason certain pre workout combinations are perfect for pure fat loss. While one is perfect for muscle growth (Nocturnus).

Epic is a pre workout drink which is ideal for fat loss. Rezolution V2 is a great diet pill for fat loss. Through altering key neurotransmitters, Resolution ensures you’re enjoying your diet food. This helps people stick to their diet.


Not every sport is about building muscle, in fact only bodybuilding is. For crossfit and powerlifting the fat loss and neurostimulant effects should be Ideal. That will give your the mindless aggression to lift heavy ass weight (powerlifting) and the blind focus to flail away for infinite reps with big plastic weights so it looks impressive (crossfit).


The pump comes from Nitric Oxide. There is no better Nitric Oxide delivery protocol than Rise and Swell in the morning, Wyked 2.1 and or Nocturnus pre workout and Nocturnus before bed. This will give your the appropriate amount of agmatine sulfate when you need it to convert all the arginine and citrulline from the Wycked 2.1 and the Nocturnus to the Nitric Oxide you need to get the insane pumps Mind and Muscle products are known for. I also timed it perfect with these three products to give you the 3 biggest growth hormone spikes when you need them the most to preserve muscle tissue and burn fat all day long.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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