Pre Workout Snack

pre workout snacks

So you want a snack before you workout. Who wrote your diet? There are no snacks only meals. But lets say you’re reading this and new to fitness and you’re part of the mainstream culture that has no idea what its doing, its ok. I forgive you. In bodybuilding you eat meals, snacks are how people get fat. But if it’s a small meal then in theory its a snack to someone who eats a bigger meal. But don’t let me catch you telling people you eat snacks! Here is a detailed approach on what to have before your workout dependent on goals and timing, regardless of what you call it.


Fat Loss

If your goal is to burn fat then the snack should have no carbs or at least not induce an insulin spike. A compromise would be fruit since it is easy energy but wont shut off fat burning the way an insulin spike would.

Low Insulinogenic Snacks:

Scoop of Whey
This does cause some insulin to be released but not enough to stop fat burning but it is enough to prevent muscle burning mid workout, I find this to be the best choice with some added MCT oil or hard liquor for energy.

Wyked and Vodka
Putting Vodka in your Wyked 2.1 or MCT oil in the Wyked 2.1 is the best way to tear fat off assuming your using T2 of course. The MCT oil or Alcohol are excelent ready availiable fuel scources which facilitate fat burning.

Quest Bar
just the right amount of nutrients to be a pre workout meal replacement. Made with real ingredients and very low net carbs, its mostly nuts, fiber and whey.

Quest Crisps
Protein chips that are delicious, and low carb. The industry is making it so easy for women by providing so many normal foods as bodybuilding foods now.

Beef Jerky
No carbs generally, it’s a light snack with lots of sodium so you can get a pump if your flat. Low in fat as well since the protein is dehydrated meat its gonna take a long ass time to digest this and the protein won’t be available for muscle sparing for the better part of a day.

Greek Yogurt
Low in available carbs, the lactose present has been eaten by the bacteria culture. I’m not a fan of dairy, but women love dairy and women eat snacks so a snack article has to take womens tastes into account. Men don’t eat snacks, men eat meals;)

Pure sugar and in theory a terrible choice, it is fruit sugar however and has minimal insulin impact. Thus you can have some berries and still burn fat mid workout. I included this because I assumed you would be throwing these in with the yogurt and nuts.

A better choice, it’s not going to fill u up but it is some clean energy that won’t shut off fat burning. On the other hand how stupid is it to eat a bunch of fat so you can burn fat?

An Apple or Pear
15 g of carbs from fruit sugar

An Orange
About 15 g of sugar, since its fructose it’s low GI like the berries or any other fruit.

A Grapefruit
Same as an orange but tastes like shit. Both oranges and grapefruits have nangarin which weakens your liver’s ability to detoxify drugs. This makes them great in the morning before cardio if you’re taking a fat burner like Rezolution V2. And if your lifting weight as a means of burning fat I suppose that would make sense to do pre workout as well like Wyked 2.1.

Building Mass

If your goal is to build muscle in theory the pre workout state should still be low or zero carbs. You want to burn fat and release GH while you lift so you keep the pre game carbs low, then when you hammer the carbs post workout the GH and the Insulin can mix to make IGF-1EA, which causes the muscles to grow.

If you have carbs first you do have an insulin spike which will protect the muscle from damage while you train and it will drive carbs into the muscle for a better mid workout pump. The drawback is the lack of GH release and the lack of any fat burning while you lift. If your angle is a pump like so many believe is the key to growth, than carbs pre workout is important.

I have had just as good pumps with Wyked 2.1 pre workout and Half Time mid workout as I have with pizza or chinese food pre workout; my go to favorites for getting crazy pumps!

So if you’re trying to grow and get a huge pump and you want a pre workout snack:

Whey Isolate in greek yogurt with berries or a banana
This blended drink will have a ton of carbs and protein at different digestion and absorption times, will get your insulin up but not super high and has no fat so nothing gets stored in your fat cells.

I like a slice or 2 of bacon pizza pre workout, about 2 hours before I lift, having Wyked 20 minutes out.

Chinese Food
High in sodium and carbs, pork fried rice with light oil is a great choice about 2 or 3 hours before you lift.

2 or 3 tuna rolls are a great snack pre workout, the carbs and protein digest fast and the sodium transports the nutrients quick. It’s better post workout because of the white rice but 2 or 3 rolls won’t knock you out.

Wendy’s Double Stack
This is a great choice when your so hangry your fantasizing about killing everyone and you pull in somewhere to get a bite so you don’t get in a fight at the gym (closer you get to show the more drama that finds you). It is about 25 g protein 22 fat and 30 carbs. I get it without cheese and pickle, because thats how I roll. It’s called a Buck Double and Burger King, a McDouble at McDonalds and every other chain has one.

Fresco Style Chicken Soft Taco
No dairy, just pico, chicken, and a tortilla, it’s the best ratios, with about 14 g protein per taco, less than 20 carbs and about 5 g fat. 2 or 3 is a meal but one is a snack or a girl meal;) I use the fire or salsa verde sauces.

This is a quick attempt at giving you the theory behind what you eat pre workout when you don’t want a full stomach, just not super hangry, for more one what to have pre workout check out Pre workout Meals and Best Pre Workout!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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