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What Happened To My Balls Post Steroid Cycle?

One of the funniest things I have ever heard regarding bodybuilding and steroid use is “using steroids will shrink your dick!” Ahhhh…..No it won’t! If you’re of full maturity, what you got is what you got. The testicles however, that’s another story my friend. So what happens to your “balls” and how did they go from plumbs to prunes in 8 weeks? The body is very efficient and has a bunch of negative feedback loops to control the hormone cascade. Essentially, your brain senses that there is too much testosterone flowing through your body so it tells your testicles “fellas, why not go on a vacation, you’re not needed right now.” The anterior pituitary spits out LH (leutinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to direct testicular function. These two hormones are responsible for spermatogenesis and testosterone production.

The issue isn’t on cycle – it’s when you come off! Suddenly, without exogenous (outside) testosterone, you are basically shut down, at least for the time being. Usually this is when bad things happen. Suddenly, you have a higher than normal estrogen level that leads to issues like bitch tits (gynecomastia) and low sex drive. It can take a while to get out of that abyss and it usually takes some form of help to speed up the recovery. Turn those prunes into proud plumbs!

What Can I Use Post Steroid Cycle To Recover


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is found in pregnant womens urine. So what does it do to help my balls and where do I get some? Well, you can get your doctor to prescribe some(good luck) or you can trust the black market dealer where you will likely pay $100 for 10000 iu’s. How does it work you may ask? Well, after steroids, the hypothalmus stops secreting GnRH(gonadtropin releasing hormone) and that in turn stops signaling the anterior pituitary to release LH, thus shutting off testosterone production. HCG resembles LH(at least the body is fooled) which kicks the Leydig cells into action, thus restarting testosterone production. This is all great except two things. 1) Too much money. HCG isn’t cheap and a therapy can run into the hundreds of dollars, even with insurance coverage. 2) Too much HCG can oversensitize Leydig cells, thus furthering the shutdown.


How does Clomid restore the testicles? When you are on a steroid cycle, there is a natural aromatization of testosterone to estrogen to “keep hormonal homeostasis.” Well, using testosterone raises estrogen levels, some of the testosterone is aromatized, the excess estrogen is sensed by the pituitary gland which then shuts off LH secretion, thus killing testosterone levels. Clomid works blocking estrogen at the pituitary, thus the gland “can’t see” the elevated estrogen levels. Although Clomid is relatively cheap, it does have issues as well. Some patients have optic neuropathy or vision disturbances. That doesn’t sound too appealing.


What is DAA and how does it work? Well, DAA is an enantiomer (mirror image) of LAA (L-Aspartic Acid). DAA is found in all humans and many foods, but in much smaller amounts than LAA. DAA will elevate endogenous (internal) testosterone production, but not to “steroid like levels” as many claim. There are numerous studies that show DAA works on the hypothalmus to stimulate the secretion of both GnRH and GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone). -citation- . This causes a downstream increase in the output of both growth hormone (ultimately increasing IGF-1 levels which is needed for muscular growth) and also increasing testosterone production at the testes. So, even though there isn’t too much in the way of clinical studies on humans, evidence seems to be positive from animal trials. So to wrap up on DAA, there seems to be a lot of “ancedotal” evidence regarding its efficacy. The consensus about the effects of DAA supplementation will be variable for individuals based on the  dose, frequency, and duration of it’s use. The bottom line is that people will need to experiment when it comes to DAA. What studies seem to indicate is that DAA raises physiological levels of testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1, all of which have positive ramifications on athletic and sexual performance. It may also act to increase thyroid hormone production (T4 and T3) via increases in H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) from oxidation of DAA in the thyroid gland, thus increasing the levels of thyroid hormones. Increased thyroid hormones= increased metabolic rate.

Rise and Swell

DAA Supplement Use Post Steroid Cycle

The original Rise and Swell is a supplement that was created by Mind and Muscle with the help of Dr. Todd Lee. I have had numerous conversations with both himself and Eric, founder of LG Sciences and a brilliant guy himself. When I finished 7 months of pre-contest training, my body had been pushed to it’s limits. I was tired and my body needed a change and a long rest. High amounts of protein, supplements, exercise, and reduced calories had taken their toll. I had contracted kidney stones and really felt the need to diminish my protein levels due to their ability to acidify the body, thus lending itself to leeching calcium form my bones and feeding my stones issue. I stopped all supplements and ran Rise and Swell. 4 weeks later, I had blood drawn and all my levels checked out perfect. I used Rise and Swell in a 5 day on 2 days off fashion for 12 weeks. My training was great, I was getting stronger and the pumps were unreal. The newest version of Rise and Swell has more of the ingredients you want, plus some new editions like ginger. Ginger has been shown to increase testosterone Tikrit Medical Journal. I can only speak from personal experience and say how well it worked for me. For $30, it’s worth the risk to try before using harsh drugs like HCG and Clomid.



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