Post Cycle Therapy And Testicular Shut Down

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After using a cycle of prohormones it’s common to use a Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. This is a discussion of popular myths about PCT, ways to aids you post cycle experience and misconceptions of how a post cycle works.

Testicular Shut Down

When the body senses that your system if filled with an overabundance of androgens, the testicles shut down. “Shut down” is the slang name for the process that I am about to explain and I will refer to it as this. Your brain is responsible for sending messages to your testicles telling them when to produce androgens such as testosterone. Your pituitary gland in the brain keeps constant track of how much estrogen and DHT is in the blood, both are by product of testosterone production. The Pituitary gland is always messaging out to produce more testosterone. When the body senses that estrogen or DHT is too low, it messages a stronger signal to the testicles to release more. The released testosterone will convert into small amounts of estrogen and DHT into the blood. Once blood levels are balanced, the pituitary gland lessens the signal strength.

If given that the body has an exceeding amount of androgen or estrogen, the gland will message the testicles to stop all production, hence shutting down the testicles temporarily. Prohormones increased the androgens to a level far exceeding normal levels during a cycle, which causes the testicles to shut down and shrink. Think of it as the same as a muscle losing its “pump” after exercising. The testicles only shrink an average of %20. This “shrinkage” is where the common myth that your penis shrinks originated from, which is untrue, it does not affect the penis in any way.

Oddly, it is believed that this “shut down” is quite beneficial in the long run. The testicles are similar to an engine, both are worn down when ran at a constant; you run the risk of burning them out more quickly as you get older. The shut between cycles may hold your ability to produce higher levels of testosterone as you age.

How to run a Post Cycle

Most people take anti-estrogens such as ATD’s to increase the recovery of normal test production. SERMs such as Nolvadex are also taken to decrease estrogen in the pituitary gland. The affect in simply an increased signal from the pituitary gland to the testes. This only works to a certain degree, because the glands are like a gas pedal, and the testes are like an engine. You can push the pedal to the floor, but some engines need a “turbo booster” so to speak.

To increase the performance of your “testicular engine”, certain supplements may act as this “turbo booster”. These supplements increase the enzyme activity in the testicles. Forskolin, Ginger Root, and D-Aspartic Acid are the three best testosterone boosters for post cycle. Forskolin increases cAMP, making your testosterone production more efficient. D-Aspartic Acid and Ginger Root, increase StAR synthesis, a testicular enzyme used to create more androgens. Along with increased pituitary signals from anti-estrogens, stacking all three of these will help aid testicular efficiency in restoring natural testosterone production.

Be sure to continue using liver protectants such as fish oil if your prohormone/ steroid potentially affected your blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Remember, listen to your body and always practice supplementing wisely!

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