Pheraplex Review - Mind And Muscle

Guy and pheraplexPheraplex Review : Pheraplex is also known as madol and DMT and can be found under the nomenclature 17a-methyl- androst-2-ene-17b-ol. This steroid was sold as a supplement until its ban in 2009. Pheraplex is known for putting on mass quick with many users gaining 10-20 pounds is just a 30 day cycle. This makes this prohormone good for bulking but a poor choice for cutting cycles.

One big downside of Pheraplex is that while it can put on weight quickly most of this weight is lost immediately following the cycle. Pheraplex certainly does put on muscle weight but users often get a false view of how much muscle they are actually putting on because water retained within the muscles makes them appear larger. Some of the weight lost comes from the loss of this intramusclular water and the rest comes from the loss of subcutaneous water (bloat). While Pheraplex does not aromatize it appears to have estrogenic activity so users typically feel bloated and puffy while on cycle.

Pheraplex is an excellent mass builder but he user must be aware that the true amount of lean mass gained will only be apparent once the excess water weight is dropped after the cycle. This prohormone is no longer available over the counter but during it’s time it was popular due to the rapid weight gain it caused. At this point there are better alternatives for lean mass gain that do not cause as rapid of a gain and subsequent loss in weight with more mass retained after the cycle.

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