Peri-Workout Nutrition Vital

Nutrient Timing: Why It Matters?

Peri-Workout nutrition is very important. When you eat what you eat may be more important than what you eat! That sounds strange, but it makes perfect sense when you actually sit and consider it. If you are just the average gym goer, eating a good macro-nutrient profile will probably be good enough to make positive changes in health and aesthetics. In reality, what you have eaten in the prior 24-48 hours will have a great impact on your results as well. If you haven’t fully loaded up glycogen stores and have a good amount of amino acids available, you could easily have muscle tissue breakdown during the training session. When a person trains hard, the immediate response by the body is that of panic. Its fight or flight. The body doesn’t know that you are training, it thinks it is being stressed and needs to survive. The fuel used for that training session is blood glucose, muscle glycogen, and some fat. So why is this important? Once that glycogen is gone, the body needs energy to perform work. It isn’t all that efficient at switching back and forth between carb metabolism and fat metabolism. Sure we use a blend of these fuels daily, but one needs to be keto adapted to do so efficiently.

Peri-Workout Nutrition: What is that?


Literally, all peri means is about or around. So Peri-Workout nutrition means “about or around” the workout nutrition. Makes something sounding so complicated simple right? Simple, yet vitally important to making gains. If you don’t eat carbs or have the right kind of carbs, two things generally happen. 1) You burnout during the session by “running out of gas.” 2) You take the wrong carbs in and nose dive due to an insulin spike. People think the you can just load up on sugar and that will tide them over during the session. The problem is that sugar sits in the stomach for awhile before it is released. Then it shoots like a rocket into the bloodstream and causes the pancreas to dump a correspondingly large bolus of insulin. The result, nosedive!! So whats the answer to the million dollar question? Taking the proper carbs in. What are the proper carbs you might ask? The ones that go slowly and steadily into the blood stream so as not to cause an insulin spike. The best sources are hydrolyzed rice solids and beta cyclic dextrin. Then dextrose and maltodextrin. What shoud you take with it? BCAA or EAA. I like BCAA because they cost less money. They work well in conjunction with the carb sources so it feeds the muscle a steady influx of carb and protein during the workout to stave off degradation of the muscles. The name of the game is growth of muscle tissue. I highly recommend ALRI Chain’d Out with ALRI Glyco-Infusion during my session and I like ALRI Glyco-Infusion and ALRI HumaPro for my post workout.


Peri-Workout Nutrition: The Final Thoughts

There are many people who don’t follow Peri-Workout nutrition. Some are very successful, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t achieve better results as well. The people who use this method tend to stay leaner and recover faster in my experience. Sure everyone knows a guy who could eat McDonald’s everyday all day and still look amazing. That doesn’t mean its going to work for everyone. Most of us more normal, mortal men need to use all the tools at our disposal. I believe Peri-Workout Nutrition has helped numerous athletes. I can stay leaner and train harder for sure. My numbers and body composition  tell me that just based on what I do in the gym and what I see in the mirror. SO my current ultimate Peri-Workout Nutrition plan goes like this: Pre-workout I drink APS Mesomorph 2.0 Rocket Pop flavor 30 minutes before I lift. This is one of the last last DMAA based formulas on the market. Gets me flying to train harder. During the session, I take 60 grams ALRI Glyco-Infusion with 20 grams ALRI Chain’d Out which keeps my energy levels sustained for 60 mins of pure misery. Post workout, I take 60 more grams of ALRI Glyco-Infusion with ALRI HumaPro. Order today and start realizing the gains you are leaving in the gym. Make your Peri-workout Nutrition work for you.




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