Onward Review

The new energy and immune modulating drink from Rob and Dana Linn Bailey

The new energy and immune modulating drink from Rob and Dana Linn Bailey

This is the first, and certainly not the last, product released by the super couple Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, If you don’t know who they are you’re probably on the wrong web site, Dana is the largest name in the IFBB and easily the most popular Physique athlete in the world, more popular than all but Phil and Kai. Why? Cross platforms. Her husband Rob was a Photographer for Muscular Development magazine and he has a rap/metal group (sorry bro, I don’t know the exact genre, i’m old;). the fact that his fans became her fans and her fans became his fans made the two of them two of the nicest most laid back ultra famous people in the world.

Because they have a clothing line, a band, her being a friggin OLYMPIAN, their training facility Warhouse, and probably business partnerships no one knows about, the one thing they don’t get is sleep.

So they released a product designed to keep you working, almost as hard as them; the hardest working couple in the world it seems. Since its not a “workout “ supplement this allows them to market their music fans and their clothing customers, thus appealing to people who would never exercise, just want energy and to not get sick. Brilliant.




The first thing I noticed is this is basically a multivitamin with some extra aminos added in insignificant concentrations. But there are a few oddball ingredients which will tie all of them together to likely do What Rob and Dana claim: that this will keep you on your feet and hustling. It gives you energy, helps you process and absorb your food and keeps you from getting sick so you can work, hustle, kill!


I detest proprietary blends and that is my one problem with this product; lack of transparency. The vitamins are a basic multivitamin with the low recommended daily allowances. These were designed by the US government to come up with the minimum vitamins needed to keep a humans alive.

“Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): average daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97%-98%) healthy people.“
That was off the National Institute of Health website. Last i checked, were not the bottom 98% of humans. Were the top 0.1%. Granted not all Dana and Rob’s fans are athletes, some are non-lifters.

There are only 4,862 mg of the proprietary blend. As we know the ingredients have to be listed in order of magnitude of use. With the proprietary blend of L-Taurine, L-Glutamine, Ascorbic acid (listed as 1 g in the ingredients above) then L-Glutamine and L-Taurine have to be AT LEAST 1,000mg concentrations. This means of the 4,862 mg in the proprietary blend already 3,000+ have been accounted for. Caffeine is certainly not over 300 mg, likely less than 200 mg. Caffeine before the active ingredients of CDP Choline, Colostrum and Noopept would indicate that they are all dosed at less than caffeine and thus 200mg or less.

As you will see they are great ingredients but not at the concentrations given, thus one serving would not do what these ingredients should do, but less in some cases.



Colostrum is the milk made for a baby cow, by the mother before the calf is born.

Many people, myself included, stay away from dairy as there are lots of things in dairy humans don’t react well to. Bovine colostrum and its components are as harmful for human consumption as other bovine lactic secretions.

That being said not everyone has problems with dairy and some just don’t believe in there being human intolerance to dairy. There are great advantages to using colostrum, these people might want to take advantage of!

One of which is that before antibiotics were developed, colostrum was the primary source of immunoglobulins used to fight infections in western medicine. The Sabin vaccine was made for polio from colostrum in fact (vaca- cow, so vaccination is like latin for ‘cow-in-fusion’)(Sabin1950)

Colostrum is rich in IGF-1 and as we know IGF-1 is the cat’s meow in muscle growth. I would think that like any peptide the stomach acid would destroy it, thats why we inject IGF-1 and MGF and hence why they are illegal, if you could swallow it then everyone would be using that post workout since it would be legal. LG Sciences does have a sublingual IGF-1 spray, that would bypass the stomach and avoid being degraded by the stomach acids.

PRPs are an ingredient in Colostrum known by many names that turns up the volume on the immune system when we come under attack from pathogens.

In a study on field hockey players (Hofman2002) 60 g of colostrum increased sprint speed and vertical jump over whey protein (also 60 g). It did not alter body composition (muscle:fat ratio). This increase in performance would make sense for a product like Onward, one geared towards performance regardless of your work (Whatever your work may be . com).

Now just because there is less than 200 mg of Colostrum in Onward does not mean some of the other effects wont happen, just that I wouldn’t expect you to get better pole vaulting results with Onward than with 60 g of colostrum.


L-Glutamine is amazing. I just wrote an article on the Benefits of L-Glutamine. Bottom line, it prevents you from losing muscle while training if you consume 5-10 g pre workout. Onward has 1 gram, possibly 2. That means if your 22-44 lb person its the right amount. Most of us are a bit heavier than that. It also helps with maintaining the immune system in hard trained athletes, but in a chronic sense: you have to take it every day for months to get this effect, and again its like 5-15 g a day, not 1 lol.


This has no real studies to support it improving the severity and duration of a viral infection (Karsch-Volk M 2014) but many doctors, myself included, use it the second we think were getting sick to give our immune system a boost and keep us on our feet so we can keep other people on their feet. Because if you can’t stay on your feet your kids starve. And we don’t want that, We like kids:)


The amino acid which but the Bull in “Red Bull” (Taurus = Bull). Red Bull is little more than B vitamins (in Onward) caffeine (in Onward) and Taurine ( in Onward). The combination of the ingredients was proven to improve surgery performance when tested on novice surgeons. I myself would never do a long surgery without having a Monster (yes same ingredients). I felt so much more alert with the taurine that it’s a disservice to the patient NOT to use a cognitive enhancer before you’re operating on them.

It has amazing benefits but mainly for us it’s a energy source for the muscle. It has been found that taurine levels in exercised muscles are lower than before the exercise began. It sensitizes muscle cells to carbohydrates and insulin, is necessary for fast twitch muscle fiber firing.
It stops cramping you get from Clen use as well, simply you need to be on it if your abusing yourself the way you, I or the Bailey’s do.


This is the amino acid which is converted into adrenaline and noradrenaline in your adrenal gland and in your brain. It’s both an adrenal hormone and a neurotransmitter, it is how most stimulants actually stimulate you, by either causing more adrenaline to be released, or altering it’s binding or metabolism. Adding this to Onward gives your body what it needs to make adrenaline, the “GO!” hormone!

Noopept (n-phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester)

Interesting compound which is completely metabolized minutes after entering the bloodstream yet its actions are observable for up to 70 minutes after use. This implies it’s the metabolite of Noopept which functions in the brain and since we don’t know what that metabolite is we can’t track it or measure it, but Noopept’s effects can still be measured. Cognition and memory formation was enhanced for up to 70 minutes after consuming 20mg Noopept orally. This means there is likely the correct and functional amount of Noopept in Onward. It combats anxiety as well as improves memory and this has been proven with both brain scans of hippocampal activity as well as self reported observations of increased memory to the tune of 100% of users. This is unheard of.

Most of the data is positive in rats but only humans with brain damage have seen much results using this drug. Likely it is working fine but healthy people don’t notice the change as much as brain damaged ones. Researchers aren’t autopsying the humans to actually SEE the brain and measure concentrations of chemicals, they hand them a “on a 1-5 with 1 sucking and 5 being totally rad how would you rate your memory after using this product” That is called “Behavioural Science” and is not respected by the scientific community. Does the person who reads your satisfaction questionnaire you filled out at Buffalo Wild Wings constitute a scientist? a Wingologist? No, They are a waiter. Oh my bad, a food service specialist!

Noopept is said to facilitate acetylcholine transport to the synaptic cleft. If this is true it would mean it helps your neuromotor unit tell the muscle to contract. This relationship is the strength everyone gets from androgen use, the explosive kind in sports and powerlifting. Thus this is great for ‘real’ athletes who do more than slow reps and pose;)


CDP Choline

A nootropic like Noopept, this is, unlike Noopept, apparently grossly under dosed. Normally the dose is 500-1500 mg every 8 hours and as we can see there can’t be anywhere close to that much in Onward as the caffeine would have to be that high, and that so high people would have the “white death” shakes and diarrhea from caffeine overdose (think the first NO Xplode)

Choline shows minor benefits to attention, memory, vision and reduces cognitive decline in the elderly.

Basically this is like the mortar in the brain if the brain was a brick wall. you need it, and if you don’t have it your brain wont run right. More may not be that helpful, but how would you know you’re getting enough? They did find that 4,000 mg was no better than 2,000 mg, at one time, but 2 x 2,000 mg works awesome, so the recomended amount of ~1,000 mg 2 x a day is clearly where its at!



At 45$ and 30 servings its priced at $1.50 a serving. Since there is almost nothing in it its likely less than $9 to make container, label and labor included. Why increase the price so high? Because Bodybuilding.com, GNC, Lone Star, Europa and everyone else has their hands out and are going to shave some profit off the top. They will need to sell it at 40% off to a distributer and it takes months to get paid. Basically if they did what we do here at MindandMuscle.com they could drop the prce, hook you the consumer up, and turn a much bigger profit, just by undercutting the competition and cuting out the 2 middle men; the distributors and the vendors.


I want to try it. I think just the Noopept alone would work, especially with B vitamins and caffeine and taurine for energy. The vitamin C and the Echinacea and glutamine for immune system along with the colostrum sounds like a bad ass combination as well. Again the price and the dosing is less than impressive, but just because its small (the dose) doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done right?

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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