On Cycle Therapy: Keeping Your Nuts Alive


The most noticeable and pronounced side effect of testosterone replacement, be it from a perscription, a prohormone, or an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS), is the shutdown of natural testosterone.  There is a cosmetic change to this; your balls shrink.  Some men will inject hCG during a cycle to keep their balls at full size, or even make them larger.  Who cares?

Women do.  I was shocked to learn that shrunken nuts are not hot.  I checked around and pretty much every girl I spoke with found regular sized balls preferable to shrunken balls. Yes I asked hot girls.  So even if you don’t care, you should take into consideration your woman and keep reading.


How Do I Keep My Nuts From Shriveling?

If you dont want to drop 400$ on black market hCG and inject yourself every day then keep reading I have tested this and it works in as little as 12 hours.  D aspartic Acid usually does some amazing things. First it enhances memory, and it prevents Alzheimer’s, and it protects your brain cells from self destructing when you watch Duck Dynasty (as if you want to keep those memories).  

More importantly, It directly and indirectly stimulates your balls to grow and produce testosterone.  I’m not exaggerating, if you lost your sex drive while on a harsh cycle and you take 3 g of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach within as little as 12 hours your balls will get bigger and every woman starts looking good. Make sure to use it 5 days on, 2 days off.  If you use it continuously you might create an enzyme which degrades it.  I suggest taking it Monday through Friday, then not on Saturday and sunday. that way your at your best on Friday and Saturday night when your most likely to need a sex drive.

There is some up regulation of the aromatase enzyme, so either use less wet gear if your bulking, or include a very low dose aromatase inhibitor.  If you’re cutting you should have a hardener on board and that will inhibit aromatase for you.  to avoid all this thinking just get either the Basic Mass Stack or the Basic Cut Stack. This way I did all the thinking for you and you know the thinking was right:)

Defibrillating Deez Nutz

In case your balls have already shriveled have no fear, post cycle therapy can include DAA and in fact should.  Like hCG, it binds to the testes and stimulates tissue regeneration. Even better, it binds to another receptor site so hCG’s effects are amplified with DAA.  When coupled with an aromatase inhibitor and a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator or (SERM) it is a 4 fold attempt at returning you to normal: DAA stimulates LH release from the pituitary, It and hCG stimulates the testes to make more testosterone.  The Aromatase inhibitor stops testosterone conversion to estrogen so estrogen can’t block LH release. The SERM binds to the estrogen receptors and blocks them so any remaining estrogen cannot inhibit LH release. LH is how the brain tells the testes to make testosterone.  There is simply no good reason not to use it post cycle.  

For more info on post cycle therapy click here!
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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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