Offseason Tips - Mind And Muscle

Winter is bulking season – at least for most of us. Make the most of it!


Here a few rules to follow

1) Don’t skip workouts or cardio

Yes, it’s offseason, but, that doesn’t mean you can slack. This is when you build the muscle you show off during the summer months or on stage. Take it serious and stick to the plan.


2) Sleep

Sleep is the time when your body and mind recover; get enough of it.


3) Alcohol

Go out, have fun, drink but don’t do it too much because alcohol is simply empty calories. And no, vodka water is not 0 calories. Every gram of alcohohl contains 7 calories. Carbohydrates and protein has 4 cal/g and fat has 9cal/g.


4) Live your life

This is the time to travel and get a little of plan so enjoy this time. Soon enough you might be back for 2 a days when in prep.


5) Drink coffee

Coffee is a natural thermogenic food and therefore acts like a fat burner by increasing your metabolism.


6) BCAA’s

Drink your BCAA’s to keep your protein synthesis at a high. I use this one: . One scoop prior, one scoop after your workout.


7) Take it day by day

Improve, lift heavy, stick to your meal plan. The progress will come. Be patient.



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