What Are Nutrition Partitioning Agents? - Mind And Muscle

fig4With so many types of supplement products that are on the market, it is sometimes hard to know what they do, and if they can work for you. For many of us, we choose products that will aid in increasing our size, stamina or even help cut out body fat. One of the best ways to make the gains, or losses in the areas that you would like, is through the use of the food you ingest. Food is the most integral parts to making the changes to the body and feeding it for the next workout. What if there was a product that could give you the ability to make your food work better for you.

One of the fastest growing sections of the supplement industry is a product known as nutrition partitioning agents. These products are designed to aid the body in making the best use of the macro nutrients that are being introduced to the body. More importantly, they affect the way the body is effected by the amount of carbohydrates that are eaten. For those who eat high carbohydrate meals, these supplements can reduce the amount of carbohydrates that may be stored as fat. Thereby making optimal use of the carbohydrates that you have ingested. By doing so, they give the body the ability to make greater use of the proteins and fats that are also ingested during that meal.

These supplements are usually designed as a complex of several types of ingredients. Each have separate effects on the body and how it digests macro nutrients. When these ingredients are combined, the complex is able to attack the ingested meal in several different ways. When this occurs your body is better able to use the meal to fuel the next workout, or to recover from the last one.

There are several different ingredients that can be used. Each has a different dosing and effect on the body. They include the following:

Corosolic Acid: The main effect that this supplement has on the body, is that it effects the stimulation of glucose uptake. By doing so, this ingredient aids in the regulation of blood sugar. This is done in the same way insulin effects blood sugar levels. It is used to transport glucose through the body, from the blood and into the cells to be used as energy. This is usually found in an extract form, and is reduced to 30% potency. This acid can also be found in high amounts in Banaba Leaf.

Bitter Melon: This odd gourd is known more for its ability to control blood sugar levels, than for the bitter taste it gets its name from. The use of this ingredient in supplements increases the body’s ability to control glucose tolerance and reduce blood sugar levels. It can also lower HbA1c levels or the measure of the way blood sugar is controlled over time. There are also some studies that have shown that bitter melon has been able to increase the metabolism of glucose, which aids in the reduction of it being stored as fat.

Gymnema Sylvestre: This herb, from India has many benefits for the body. Taken prior to meals, it has the ability to reduce the the body’s craving for sugars as well as reduce the overall sugar levels within the body. Gymnema also has the ability to reduce the absorption of sugar by the body. This can benefit not only people who are bodybuilding, but diabetics as well.

The question now is, who should be using these types of products? The answer is anyone can and should. When used properly, carbohydrates can be a very effective tool in your training and diet. The same can be said in the opposite way, where too many carbohydrates can hurt your progress and derail your weight loss. Taken prior to your high carbohydrate meals, these products last pretty long or can be used daily to reduce cravings. Adding in a product that can enhance the body’s use of the food that you eat can only aid in progress and make your goals more achievable. Whether you are trying to gain weight and make the most out of every meal, or trying to lose weight, and just need to reduce cravings, and make the few carbohydrates you eat work best for you, these are the best ways to go.

With so many products to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to know which to try. Brands such as Evomuse and their nutrition partitioning product Slintensity you get both quality as well as one of the most innovative brands on the market. With tons of research behind all of their line, Evomuse can’t be beat.

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