Novedex XT Review And Info For Post Cycle Therapy

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Novedex XT Review : Novedex XT uses 1,4,6 androstatriene-dione, which inhibits the aromatase enzymes. Testosterone is converted into estrogen by these enzymes. By blocking them, it creates a reaction in the body to produce more testosterone. Your brain is responsible for sending messages to your testicles telling them when to produce androgens such as testosterone. Your pituitary gland in the brain keeps constant track of how much estrogen and DHT is in the blood, both are by products of testosterone production. The Pituitary gland is always messaging out to produce more testosterone. When the body senses that estrogen or DHT is too low, it messages a stronger signal to the testicles to release more.

You will also find 3-OHAT in the Novedex XT formula, an aromatase inhibitor, similar to Ergopharm’s 6-OXO. Its function is similar that that of ATD, but it much less powerful. The manufacturer of Novedex XT says that the ester on 3-OHAT increases it’s half-life, but has conclusive evidence to prove that claim. Lastly, Novedex contains flavones, but what their role is and how they work in not known. Novedex XT has proved to boost testosterone and reduce the ratio of estrogen in the body. Although, studies have brought claims against Novedex XT stating that its ability to change the testosterone/estrogen ratio doesn’t increase muscle. This is believed to be due to elevated clearing of testosterone in response to the hormone imbalance.

Novedex XT as PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

It’s common for athletes to use Novedex XT as a PCT after running a hormone cycle. Although common, it is not the best choice since estrogen levels are typically low after most cycles. A SERM would be ideal for most PCTs. It may seem that Novedex’s strong ability to inhibit aromatase would be good, but typically it’s found that because of its multiple inhibiting ingredients, it’s often too strong and decreases estrogen to a dangerous level. Among these risks, ATD, its main ingredient has shown to block testosterone’s ability to become active and may also be a factor from keeping Novedex XT from producing muscle mass. If key ingredients such as piperine and luteolin were added, it would greatly reduce the amount of testosterone cleared- sadly it’s not included.

Better Aromatase Inhibtors than ATD

Stronger than Novedex XT and still orally available for sale, one AI stands the test of time. It is the compound 2-Phenyl-Di-Benzyl-Benzopyran-4-One or known as 2-Phenyl-benzo[h]chromen-4-one. The anti-aromatase is as potent and effective as the prescription drug Arimidex shown in preliminary studies. If you are looking to increase testosterone as a booster or as PCT, you may want to explore this avenue.

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