How Not To Die Taking Steroids - Mind And Muscle


With the recent deaths of so many bodybuilders, it’s best we discuss how to best use supplements to protect the average steroid user from the side effects.  Make no mistake, anabolic steroids are dangerous drugs that can cause damage to multiple organs but the main two that we need to consider are the heart and the liver. Most other things are minor issues in our estimation. Of course we don’t ever suggest anyone use illegal steroids, but in some countries steroids are legal to buy so it’s fine to have an article on this topic.  This isn’t medical advice and you should always talk to your health practitioner if you have any concerns about your health.


The Heart is one large muscle that is effected by steroids. The constant over worked heart along with the increase in blood pressure and arterial blockage that can come from steroid use is a concern. Steroids can cause enlarged heart muscles over time and that leads to potentially deadly effects. The entire cardiovascular system is damaged by most steroids. Many steroids don’t convert into estrogen, and estrogen is vital for keeping vascular plasticity and repair. Thus if you use steroids like Tren, Masteron, Deca, D-Bol or if you take testosterone with an estrogen blocking agent like Arimidex or Letrozole, you will rob your body of estrogen.  Estrogen is not your enemy HIGH ESTEROGEN IS!  Thus you don’t want to reduce estrogen to absolute zero by using strong androgens such as the ones listed or abusing drugs to combat estrogen.

Steroids raise blood pressure and also lead to arterial plaque, which can cause a heart attack and stroke.   When combined with things like Clenbuterol, Cocaine, Ephedra and Caffeine, it can become a deadly cocktail that is lethal to steroid users.


Steroids that are active orally like Methasteron, Turinibol, Methyl Testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol and even Anavar can cause liver stress.  Many steroid users also abuse drugs and alcohol, which can further enhance the damaging effects of these oral steroids on the liver.  That being said most users don’t have an issue with liver toxicity even when  drinking on steroids, but some users have a bad liver and also could be taking other medications. These factors can cause certain steroid users to have massive liver damage and ultimately liver failure when taking oral steroids.  Injectable steroids don’t have that same effect on the body so they are less toxic, but some can still cause slight toxicity like Trenbolone.


We don’t really sell these products but we do value the health of our readers. Also, these can be used with our prohormones because prohormones can have some of the same effects as steroids even though the degree of damage is much less.  The top three supplements for heart health are:

CoQ10 – I take 100mg of CoQ10 per day in the ubiquinol form is the best

High Gamma E – Vitamin E is very important to take for the heart. It protects fats and blood vessels and the preferred form is the High Gamma E, which means it has a higher level of Gamma Tocopherol. I take 200mg per day to offset arterial damage.

Fish Oil – this amazing nutrient has been shown to prevent strokes and reduce arterial damage. Standard capsules are often too weak for most people so it’s best to take triple strength fish oil soft gels. I take 3-5 per day to reduce the chance of stroke and protect the arteries.

There are some other notable supplements that are very cheap which include 500mg of Vitamin C per day and also 1000mg of Magnesium.  Both are cheap and help to increase protection for the heart.


There are lots of liver aids out in the market but there is really only one winner in this category.  It’s the same nutrient that is used to protect people who overdose on Tylenol (R).  This miracle supplement is N-Acetyl-Cystine and should be taken at 600-1000mg per day with oral steroids as a means to protect and detoxify the liver.  Milk Thistle has been shown to have some similar activity but it pales in comparison to NAC.


With the recent loss of three major bodybuilders in our small community it’s more important than ever to make sure you are keeping your organs protected and in optimal health.  Losing Rich Piana, Dallas McCarver and a woman who died of a protein overdose (she had a rare medical condition) means that each person who engages in this sport should always take their health seriously and check with a medical professional to get a complete check up at least yearly.

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