Nocturnus - Stimulant Free Pre Workout

Nocturnus Nighttime Pre-workout

The absolute best pumps a pre workout can deliver: Nocturnus!

Nocturnus – Stimulant Free Pre-Workout

A lot of people approached me after I released Wyked 2.1 and wanted a version with no ‘Stimulants’, so I created Nocturnus! Some people train late at night, have anxiety issues, cardiovascular problems, or believe they have an allergy to either Yohimbine or Caffeine, the 2 ‘stimulants’ in Wyked 2.1.

I decided to develop a stimulant free pre workout and it dawned on me, most of the material one puts into a bedtime natural growth hormone boosting product were already in Wyked 2.1. That the agmatine sulfate, the arginine, the GHRH and GHRP analogs were included in Wyked 2.1 for pump and GH release, but as a bedtime supplement these 4 things greatly amplify the GH release you naturally have upon going to sleep. With the other ingredients of betaine and L-carnitine, you burn more fat while you sleep from the GH surge, and you have increased muscle growing receptors so your workout from that day is more effective!

Can I stack Nocturnus with Wyked 2.1 Pre-Workout?

My favourite feature of Nocturnus is since it’s a phenomenal pump product, and stimulant free, there is no real limit to how many scoops of Nocturnus you can have pre workout! This means I can add it to Wyked 2.1 to make the pump even more Wyked!

  • If I’m working out late, I have one scoop of Wyked 2.1 and 3 scoops of Nocturnus.
  • If I’m working out in the afternoon, 2 scoops Wyked 2 scoops Nocturnus.
  • If I’m training in the morning 3 scoops Wyked, 1 scoop Nocturnus.

I assume at some point extra scoops would cause unpleasant digestion issues, but one could probably add 1 scoop of nocturnus per week until they hit a maximum amount their body is comfortable with.

The entire Mind and Muscle line has been designed to be used together. So all Mind and Muscle brand products can be stacked with all other Mind and Muscle brand products! For example, taking Nocturnus with T2 before bed will amplify fat burning when used together, resulting in even more dramatic fat loss.

Of course Nocturnus could be added to any pre-workout for a greater pump and a strong GH boost mid workout to protect the muscle from the ravages of Cortisol!

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