"No You Can't" - Mind And Muscle

Don’t let anyone tell you no. Don’t tell yourself no.

In life, you come across obstacles. You run into challenges that may seem like you can’t overcome them. People will tell you no, your friends and family won’t believe in you, your boss may laugh at your idea. You might look at someone and tell yourself you’ll never look or be like that.

Your body can take you wherever you mind takes you.

I got told no. I got told no to play boys hockey as a girl. I got told no to walk after my back injury. They told me I couldn’t graduate a whole year earlier. I was told no a lot… I overcame all those obstacles.

One of the biggest “No’s” people tell themselves is their body goals. I highly encourage that you love your body, no matter what. But, if you want to lose weight, or gain muscle, or, tone up – you can. It may take some people longer, or require more work or different circumstances. You can take your body anywhere.

Your body is shaped by what you put into it and by what you put it through. So eat clean, workout hard and get the required rest. You will learn a lot about your body and yourself along the way of reaching your goals.

Reach your body goal, your career goal or personal goal. Set your mind to it, believe in yourself and proof the nay-sayers wrong.


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