Recent Study Shows 1-Andro is as Strong as Test!


In a recent study released in the Journal of Applied Physiology, a particular oral prohormone which converts in the liver to 1-Testosterone was as potent milligram-for-milligram to testosterone enathate; the gold standard for injectable steroids.  

In this 4 week Study, 16 of 17 subjects completed the study. It was a double blind study, so neither the testers or the test subjects were aware of if they were receiving the active prohormone or they received a placebo. They were given rough guidelines on diet, but strict weight routine. Their body mass and strength increased in very similar amounts to previous studies with testosterone enanthate. In other words an oral prohormone which converts to 1-Testosterone in the liver is as strong as the best injectable testosterone! And its legal!!

In the study another shocking revelation: there were no negative psychiatric findings, but instead positive ones! A complicated battery of psychological tests were done on both groups before and after. There were no changes in anger, anxiety, depression, or anything bad, that is completely opposite of the way the media and laypeople speak about steroids. But the best part is the tested group were in a better mood with more motivation and emotional energy at the end of the study!

There were some health issues with the study. First, I want to point out two flaws in the study; one is that they administered a second compound to the test group that decreased an enzyme in the liver that breaks the prohormone down. This prolongs the supplements life span in the blood and can increase liver stress from having to work harder to clear the supplement and its metabolites.  The second problem is that both the tested and control groups were consuming the same diets.  

The study showed that there was very mild stress on the liver and kidneys and temporary cholesterol changes.

The reason the liver showed signs of mild stress is because the two groups were eating the same amount of calories. The researchers told the subjects to eat until they are full. That is not enough food if you’re going to try and gain mass while on a bulking prohormone like 1-Andro. Since the tested group gained mass and strength we know muscle was build, but those muscle building calories had to come from somewhere!  You guessed it, the tested group also lost body fat. So the liver had the increased stress of breaking down fat and building muscle on top of a second agent the researchers administered which made the liver have to work harder.

The Kidneys had to work harder to clear the waste from the liver working harder, but the standard 1.5 gallons a day wasn’t enforced. So since the liver had to break down the body fat to make fuel for the new muscle being built, and no extra protein was added for the muscle to be built with, the liver had its work cut out for it.  This drove the body into a negative nitrogen balance. Without extra water the kidneys had to work slightly harder to clear the nitrogen.  

The reason why the cholesterol was temporarily altered is simple: 1-Andro works. estrogen is good for cholesterol and testosterone is bad.  Any time you decrease estrogen or increase testosterone your good cholesterol (HDL) goes down and your bad (LDL) goes up. Since 1-Andro is on the “dry” end of prohormones it partially decreases your estrogen.  While some prohormones cause you to gain water weight because the increase your estrogen, 1-Andro does the opposite. This gives you lean mass gains which stick around after the cycle ends.

So if someone was to repeat this 4 week cycle with adequate food and water and not take an extra compound which weakened the liver then it should be very safe. Additionally, none of the negative liver, cholesterol, or kidney changes are permanent. But the lean mass you gain is!

So if you want a safe alternative to injectable prescription steroids that builds muscle, burns fat, increases strength, motivation, energy, and mood look no further: 1-Andro is here!


Reference to the 12/31/2013 study 



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