Prohormones: New On The Horizon

strong man lifting weightsProhormones: New On The Horizon

These compounds are new on the horizon and have some serious potential.  I will only list compounds that have a chance of being DSHEA compliant and can be potent androgens on their own.  These are not in production yet, but do have the ability to be on the market in the coming months or years.  I strongly suggest any company do complete DSHEA studies on any of the androgens mentioned in this section to ensure legality in the US. These androgens are presented as fun information and as speculation on possible naturally occurring products in the food supply.  This has not been verified yet via scientific study.

1,5 Androsterone – 3β-Hydroxy-1,5-androstadien-17-one

This product should be similar in strength to 1-Androsterone, yet have some of the possibilities of the 1,4 andro series.  It is really an intermediate product that should, in theory, convert to Boldenone and potentially further downstream a 1-Test analog.  This one is too new to call, but the structure looks interesting. It is most certainly naturally occurring, probably found in a variety of pork tissues and potentially humans.  It is one that probably won’t see the light of day though, since it is an odd configuration and probably hard to make.  The dione version might be interesting and more readily available.

Androgenic Value: Unknown
Anabolic Value: Unknown

estra-5(10)-ene-17-beta-ol – NorPentabol ™

This structure has some very good numbers on paper.  It lacks the C-19 structure of testosterone, making it a nandrolone derivative, so it shouldn’t really be able to convert to estrogen and it can’t convert to any DHT type derivatives either. So, hairline shouldn’t be a big concern with this one.  It is a very unique structure with a potential to be a really good oral compound.  It is very anabolic and seems to have a very good oral bioavailability, since the standard it is compared to is 17aMethyl Testosterone.

Androgenic Value: Unknown
Anabolic Value: 120 – 120% of Methyl-Testosterone (120% orally as anabolic as methyl-testosterone)

2,4-Dienedrol ™ – 17-beta-hydroxy-androstan-2,4-diene

This structure is a modification of the popular Pheromone product on the market today.  It seems to have a similar effect and structure to this pheromone, so it should have decent anabolic value.  One difference is that this compound has the ability to most likely convert to estrogen, which isn’t always a bad thing.  It can also be a parent to the 2-ene pheromone via 5aReductase, so it should have some similar effects.  This one is also about 120% as potent as testosterone, making it a pretty damn strong androgen and very low androgenic activity makes it a pretty good candidate for an oral androgen.

Androgenic Value: 40 – 40% of Testosterone (40% as androgenic as testosterone)
Anabolic Value: 120 – 120% of Testosterone (120% as anabolic as testosterone)

Fouronelone – 17-beta-hydroxy-5-alpha androst-2-en-4-one

Now we get to some really cool looking structures that are quite different from anything seen before in the steroid world.  This structure has some serious potential to do a whole host of things.  First, it is a pheromone derivative like many, but also has a 4-keto group, which should impart some possible anti-estrogen effects.  This one can’t really convert to much of anything, since the 4-keto will block both aromatase and 5a-reductase activity.  When you look at the ratio though, it becomes apparent that this one has some serious potential for an active anabolic monster.  It is 200% more anabolic than testosterone yet seems to have little androgenic activity from what I can gather.  It should be pretty easily absorbed orally if you can protect the 17bHydroxy, so that should be a benefit as well.

Androgenic Value: ~25 – 25% of Testosterone (25% as androgenic as testosterone)
Anabolic Value: 200 – 200% of Testosterone (200% as anabolic as testosterone)

Gammadienedrol – 17-beta-hydroxy-5-alpha androst-1,3-diene

This one is another similar structure, having now a 1,3 diene, which should cause it to, again, be pretty inert to the standard estrogen converting and DHT converting enzymes.  This one is fairly mild in comparison to other androgens in this section, but it is still pretty interesting for a potentially naturally occurring compound.

Androgenic Value: ~25 – 25% of Testosterone (25% as androgenic as testosterone)
Anabolic Value: 100 – 100% of Testosterone (100% as anabolic as testosterone)

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