Natadrol is an amazing test booster made from Chinese, Indian, and African medicine

Natadrol is an amazing test booster made from Chinese, Indian, and African medicine

Natadrol is LG Sciences’ all natural, all herbal, non steroidal anabolic formula!  It has 4 key ingredients to boost natural testosterone and stimulate the androgen receptor without shutting down natural testosterone.  If your going to be drug tested, are a natural body builder, or are in the military this is for you!

If you are using anabolic steroids this is perfect on or post cycle to give you the natural testosterone you need to prevent shutdown or loss of sexual function.  And the tendon growth helps prevent muscle tears as well!

Cissus Quadrangularis

The first ingredient in Natadrol, Cissus Quadrangularis, is a cortisol antagonist.  This means it will block cortisol from breaking down your muscle for fuel.

It also increases sex drive in female rats that had their ovaries removed, whether this would help young women is unclear but it should help postmenopausal women. When rats were given Cissus Quadrangularis in the second trimester the baby rats were born with denser bones. This means it may increase your bone density and your bones partly determine how big you can get or in other words your “Genetic Maximum”

Cissus decreases spikes in blood glucose and sensitizes muscle tissue to insulin about as effectively as metformin.  This means your carbs will function more for muscle building and less for fat building.

Cissus is about as effective at reducing pain as aspirin. This means you can train harder!

Cissus increases collagen synthesis. This means you will develop your tendon strength and this is as important for strength as muscle mass!

Let me point something out: If you’re increasing your bone mass and tendon strength then you will have less chance of injury and increased MAXIMUM muscle potential.  This means for the rest of your life you will be stronger and harder to destroy.  And after using it you can now get bigger. Like increasing the top speed in a sports car, and making that car less likely to be damaged from racing.  You break down less muscle in a calorie deficit and build more muscle in a calorie surplus as well!


Hibiscus Rosasinensis

This is the second ingredient in Natadrol. A study done in Nigeria on rats showed a definite increase in muscle. There were also androgenic changes. this study shows that Hibiscus Rosasinensis has anabolic and androgenic properties.

In a separate study, on done in Asia, Hibiscus Rosasinensis has been proven to increase testosterone production in testicle slices when incubated in different solutions containing the herb.

These 2 studies indicate that Hibiscus R. causes natural testosterone production to increase!

In another asian study oral solution of Hibiscus R. was administered and testosterone production increased 132%!!!! Additionally sperm count increased as well. This confirms that oral administration of the herb can increase natural testicle function and thus testosterone production!


Curculigo Orchioides (CO)

The third ingredient in Natadrol is amazing! Male rats given CO were more likely to mount female rats and have larger erections while in a hyperglycemic state.  It seems the CO protects sexual function in rats with rat diabetes!  This is promising for men who suffer from diabetes induced impotence. This works well with Cissus’ ability to act like Metformin to divert carbs to muscle. Meaning you can intentionaly induce a hyperglycemic state while bulking and not gain as much fat or suffer damage to your sexual function.

Additionally a Chinese study showed CO to have adaptogenic, immune system boosting and Androgenic effects. This means it increases your immune system, increases your bodies ability to deal with stress and directly binds to the androgen receptor just like testosterone would!

Tinospora Cordifolia

The fourth and final ingredient in Natadrol may be the first herbal non suppressive anabolic! One Indian study performed by feeding Tinospora Cordifolia (TC) to rams discovered that the herb protected sperm and indirectly increased fertility. But did not have an effect of Testosterone concentrations.

In another study TC was determined to bind to the androgen receptor directly.

These 2 studies indicate that TC can bind to the Androgen receptor and potentially stimulate muscle growth like an anabolic steroid would, but DOES NOT decrease natural testosterone production! Thats incredible!


There you have it, a plethora of beneficial effects including but not limited to Increased testosterone production, increased sperm production, increased bone and tendon formation and repair, longer harder workouts, increased immune system, and increased fertility. Many of these things are through multiple mechanisms for a synergistic effect.

Natadrol may be the best natural testosterone booster and non steroidal anabolic in the world, the combination of Chinese, Indian, and African medicine to give you incredible gains and sexual performance all legal and side effect free!

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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


Here is my mountain of evidence

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Muthusami S, et al. Effects of Cissus quadrangularis on the proliferation, differentiation and matrix mineralization of human osteoblast like SaOS-2 cells. J Cell Biochem. (2011)

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