My Goals - Mind And Muscle

I get up every morning, with a plan of action. I know what I am about to do, when I am going to do it and how to accomplish it.

I set myself a few goals the last couple of years and I am extremely excited to announce that I am getting closer and closer to reaching them.

One of the two goals I set myself is to compete nationally… I am in my second week of prepping and will be competing the first week of March at the Arnold’s in Columbus Ohio.

I increased the cardio (=output) and decreased the calories consumed (=input). After 7 months of offseason I put on a significant amount of muscle and can’t wait to reveal that muscle on stage. I love the process of seeing my body change. No, I don’t like cardio, but, there is just something appealing to me that I like when pushing myself to the limits.

Another goal I am about to reach is my College graduation.

I started College in August 2014 and am looking to graduate this upcoming April 2017, in 3 years. My degree will be a Major in Exercise Science with Pre Medical focus and a Minor in Business. I am looking to work in the US after my graduation. I will walk April 30th and I am looking to graduate with an Honor’s as well.

I am not perfect, nor can I say that I never failed at anything but I can say that I work hard and I put in 100% effort in order to reach my goals. It’s satisfying to see myself getting closer and closer to my goals.

Hard work will pay off, it just takes patience and consistent effort.


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