Muscle Growth = Mental Growth - Mind And Muscle

Yes, I am a bikini competitor and yes, as such, you are going to be judged on your physique and the way you present it. But…

The real growth doesn’t happen in the spotlight, the real growth is what happens behind the curtains. Being a bodybuilder is not just about building muscle. It’s so much more. I have met so many guys and girls, coaches, supporters, people involved with the business side of the industry and they all have one thing in common, they work.

Bodybuilding is hard work. It’s getting up to do cardio before you go to your job, it’s making time to go lift, it’s cooking, going to the grocery store, measuring your food. Bodybuilding means not going out and getting fucked up every weekend, saying no to pizza and dessert when offered, it means pushing yourself physically to the limit. It means working more to even afford the show, the make up, the hair, the bikini, the coaching, the groceries, the cheatmeals, the supplements. Bodybuilding is mentally tough, you work towards stepping on stage in 5 inch heels, a tiny bikini or small swim trunks to be judged on your body.

This sport teaches you so many things about living healthy, treating your body well, being physically tough but the real growth happens mentally… When you learn that it takes more than just the “average effort” in order to reach your goals. It takes more than the 9-5 effort. It’s a 6-12 effort and that’s what it’s taught me. If you want the extraordinary life, you need to put in extraordinary work.

Bodybuilding grows muscle and your character.


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