Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo

Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo

This was my first ever Mr. Olympia visit. I have been competing in bodybuilding a very long time and yet have never had the desire to go to a Mr. Olympia, so I decided the Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo would be my first. Actually, this year was also my first Arnold Classic as well. It’s part of my new job here at Mind and Muscle. Before I just trained people 13 hours per day, 5-6 days per week. Now that I do media, writing, blogging, facebook, twitter, and instagram, I have an obligation to provide readers with the best information I can give. This is for all you people who love bodybuilding, working out, and health that didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars flying to Vegas to see the expo and the show. To be sure, it was a spectacle. Bodybuilding is many things, but one of them isn’t conservative! People usually don’t lift weights and train to not be recognized. Suffice it to say, there was plenty on display at this years Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo.

Bodybuilders, Strippers, and Supplements

Bodybuilding is outlandish if nothing else. Nowhere else in the world will you see Morgan Aste, a 6’4″ 350 pound ripped man! The guy had an arm bigger than my head and my head ain’t small. Haha. I finished 4th in the Super Heavyweights at 2015 Masters Nationals and at 5’9″ and 250 lbs at 8% body fat, I feel pretty pretty big on a daily basis. The Olympia Expo will set you straight if you ever think you are something special. When we got to the expo, there was a massive crowd out front to get in. It was like 20,000 people all waiting to get into a concert with open seating. They had a cash line, a credit card line and a will call line. People on the whole aren’t too smart so it was a clusterf**k! It was 100 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I was getting sweaty and felt like crap because I caught a cold just before Vegas. I just kept looking up at the front of the building and was proud to see my friend Steve Kuclo plastered all over the front of the building.

When we got inside, you could see the enormity of the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center where the Mr. Olympia Expo 2015 was held.  Over 120 exhibitor booths were represented. They were all different. Some were very mundane and others were very outlandish. All booths had fit models, both male and female. These models went from the unknown to world renown bodybuilders like Justin Compton, Phil Heath, Steve Kuclo, and a host of other physique sports notables. The winner of this years booth of the year was our partner, Hi Tech Nutraceuticals. They had a full stage with 2 stripper poles, multiple dancers and one very entertaining emcee. In the booth they had numerous models and athletes, some coming all the way from Australia. Behind the table, they had dip contests, and also some strong man events. One was where you try to pick up a fat handle 173 pound dumbbell. This writer is pretty strong and failed miserable. One needs foot long fingers to wrap around this dumbbell. I have large hands just not strong ones with long fingers. The booth was loud, buzzing with activity, and a helluva a good time. Hi Tech CEO Jared Wheat knows how to throw a party, that’s for sure.

Massive Amounts Of Companies, Old And New

There is one thing to be sure at the Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo, it was a sight to behold. There are some old stalwarts like Optimum Nutrition and Gaspari Nutrition that still hold a good deal of market share in the supplement industry. There were also a host of Johnny Come Lately’s like 5% Nutrition who are climbing the ranks at warp speed. The booth was crazy, it had a line wrapped around the to one side and took a good half hour to meet it’s owner, Rich Piana. Rich Piana is a marketing machine. He was a very good bodybuilder, but he realized that it has limited income potential. He created an outlandish personality that matches his  giant sized arms and shoulders. 5% has great products, but they are completely driven in sales by the outlandish persona that Rich has created. Kudos to his brilliance. He created his own path and ran with it. The true American Dream if you will. Phil Heath was at Gifted Nutrition on Saturday before the night show. He is a very polarizing guy. He has the best physique in the world of bodybuilding, but he also carries an arrogance that turns many people off. Regardless, people were fascinated to get a glimpse of the current Mr. O. One thing that stood out to me is that many of these companies will come and will go. It is a cut throat industry that makes it difficult to have staying power. Lets see if these same companies all show up for next years Olympia?

Old Faces And New Dynamos

There has certainly been an evolution in bodybuilding. It doesn’t mean its better, just evolved. I am not sure about the physiques of this era. I admire all the work and discipline, but at what point does the pharmaceutical train stop? I mean some guys look like cartoon characters. Its almost insane how these guys look these days. Arms like legs, 5’8″ tall pushing 300 lbs and still relatively lean. My friend was stunned when he saw Justin Compton. He said he just couldn’t stop looking. Massive fails as a word to describe him. I talked to him for a good 15 mins. Very nice guy, very mature for 26 years of age. We talked about lifting, technique, nutrition, etc. I just told him I respected his approach because I do. He trains intelligently. My two favorites were Abbas Khatami and Flex Wheeler. Abbas is slated for surgery soon to fix bone spurs in his neck. It sucks when you see a person who is as kind and as passionate as he is banged up. He is wanting to get back on that stage. He is a gracious man and a great entertainer on stage. I am going to try real hard to get him on a Mind and Muscle Podcast. I also like Flex Wheeler because he represents the old guard. He may have had the best physique in the history of bodybuilding. He still looks phenomenal. He looked healthy and wasn’t massive. For all his past health issues, it was nice to see him thriving. Kudos to the old guys for keeping it together. Something tells me growing old and bodybuilding won’t be synonymous if the drug overuse continues to be rewarded. People just keep pushing the envelope.

Last Thoughts On The Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo

I don’t know what direction this sport is headed in. It is already a niche sport, attracting a very small following. There isn’t a lot of money in it except for the top 10 people in the world in Men’s Bodybuilding and in respect to other sports, it pales in comparison. This is the only sport where the very nature of it makes you commit felonies to be successful. Some might argue that felonious assault is committed every Sunday in the NFL. I like lifting, I like competing, and I like a healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilding at this level is not healthy. It is an extreme sport. It is beyond difficult to take a body, fill it out with 280 lbs of muscle, then literally peel body fat down to 2-4%. Then dehydrate to look even leaner. It is complex to say the least. I am a fan of more moderate looking bodies and more moderate methods to achieve. As an alternative to all the anabolic steroids, try prohormones. As an alternative to prescription thyroid meds, try T2, as opposed to clenbuterol, instead of metformin, These are just a few ways to have a better physique without legal troubles, reduced risk of health issues, and easier on the pocket book. That is my synopsis of the Mr. Olympia 2015 Expo


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