Mr Olympia 2013: Future Mr. O at only 3 years pro?

Roelly on the RiseA small island named Curacao sits in the southern wakes of the Caribbean Sea.  Off the coast of Venezuela, Curacao spans only 40 miles from the southeast corner to the northwest tip.  This island is considered to be one of the best islands to live on in the world.  The “Dutch Beast” was born here; on an island most would call paradise.  Wait a second.  “Dutch Beast” doesn’t really make much sense when it comes to describing the dark skinned, muscle bound islander.  Here’s a little geography lesson for all those who were confused as I was.  Curacao is a Dutch island that is actually part of the Netherlands Antilles.  One thing is for sure; this island breeds some pretty big boys.  Roelly Winlaar happens to be massive, and he sports what some call the best set of arms in the world.

The 2013 Mr. Olympia qualified the most impressive set of bodybuilding athletes in history.  There are crowd favorites like Kai Greene, Jay Cutler and Phil Heath.  And there are old school vets like Victor Martinez, Branch Warren, and Dennis Wolf.  The massively muscled Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay is sure to make his mark as well.  What kind of room does this leave Roelly Winlaar, a pro since only late 2009?The Dutch Beast’s first professional competition was in 2010 at the IFBB Arnold Classic.  He went up against incredible competition and still snagged a respectable 7th place finish.  2010 was big for Roelly.  He placed third at the Australia Pro Grand Prix and pummeled the competition in the IFBB New York Pro placing first place.  This guy came out of nowhere.  He was a bit of a late starter, competing in his first pro competition at 33.

2011 brought a couple 2nd place finishes and a discouraging 9th place at the NYP, losing his crown that he held from the year before.  But there is something special about this guy and people are predicting a top 6 finish at the upcoming Mr. O.  Shit, he moved here from paradise island to throw weights around and eat chicken and rice so he must be on to something!  He “grows every time we see him,” says Mike Salazar, author from Flex magazine.  One thing that helps the older competitors is muscle density and quality.  With age comes grey hair, Hawaiian collared shirts, and dense muscles.  We like the dense muscles part so we will ignore the rest.  Roelly is beefy beast off season at 280lbs.  Keep an eye out for Roelly making an impact in the top tier this year.  He should be coming in at 5ft 6” and a chiseled stage ready 230lb frame.  His back is retarded and his arms are in a world of their own and will rival last years champion, Phil Heath.

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