How to Keep Your Motivation Strong!

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How to Keep Your Motivation Strong

Many people have goals regarding their physique or physical performance, but fall off track due to distraction, a lack of results, and for many other reasons. Progression is difficult at times, so keeping your motivation strong is key to producing results. The title of this particular article is “How to Keep Your Motivation Strong” rather than something like “How to Get Motivated” as if you aren’t motivated in the first place, you are going to magically produce some kind of motivation to work out, follow a meal plan, or something similar. Reading an article is not going to make you want to change anything about yourself. You either are motivated or you aren’t, so figure that one out first! Now on to the good stuff…how to keep that motivation strong and how not to lose sight of what gained you that motivation in the first place.

Set Goals

Setting goals, both short term and long term goals, is incredibly important in maintaining strong motivation. Why should you be motivating if you are not trying to accomplish anything. Maybe your long term goal is to win competitions of some sort, be a fitness model, or maybe your goal is simply to be be biggest guy in the gym. Examples of short term goals might be adding 5lb. on to one of your lifts, getting an extra rep, or dropping 5 more lb. of body fat. These goals can be achieved in a fairly short period of time, and will keep you on track and heading towards your more long term goals. It is easy to look at your long term goal and realize that it will take you years to achieve and end up frustrated and feeling like it isn’t worth your effort. Enjoy the process and achieving you short term goals, and with time may come your long term goals.

Enjoy It!

As you progress towards your goals, dwell on the satisfaction that you get from seeing changes and imagine how great your satisfaction will be when months or years of hard work finally come together to produce what you want. Enjoy pushing yourself mentally and physically to your realistic limits knowing how amazing it feels to achieve something that you have worked very hard for. Bad feelings can become good feelings when they are had with purpose.


Music can be utilized in quite a few ways to keep your motivation strong…and not just in the gym. At this point it becomes very individual. Maybe it is a beat that reminds you of something or helps to put you in a certain place mentally, maybe a song has lyrics that make you feel strong, peaceful, or bullet-proof, or maybe you just like music because it blocks out all of your mental noise. When utilized properly, many people find music to be very powerful in keeping them focused.

Self motivation is the only motivation that is worth anything. If you need someone else to motivate you then sure you may accomplish some things here and there, but you will probably never do anything truly big (which I suppose is relative) and you will not be able to fully enjoy your accomplishments knowing that most of your motivation came from someone else getting after you. If you are reading all of this and it is all making perfect sense to you, then you are likely a self motivated person. Want to start getting things done now? Keep your motivation strong and don’t lose sight of what you want and why you want it.



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