Most Effective Rest Period

Different rest periods are for different goals

Different rest periods are for different goals

The traditional way of thinking is rest periods should be as short as possible. That a huge erroneous assumption is made that all people want to lose fat and that is the only goal. The most effective rest period for you may not be the same for everyone or every week!

If this was true then some of the current ways that fitness has replaced bodybuilding would be valid. For instance circuit training is hysterical. In this, you do machines in a particular order designed with little rhyme or reason and the idea is that your whole body gets worked. You’re not supposed to rest, and if you do you do it for 30 seconds or so.

This is aerobics with weights. Like crossfit, this type of training is a ton of low quality reps using a ton of muscles for the goal of fat loss. It works by burning calories and keeping your heart rate up, but it isn’t as boring as actual cardio equipment. It’s great for uncoordinated people and people who don’t know what they are doing to lose weight.

Personal trainers use circuit training to trick new innocent clients into thinking they can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. All that’s happening is the dormant muscle is brought back to life at the same rate that the water and a little fat leaves the skin so you get dramatic visual changes in 2-4 weeks.

Aside from this there is no point to circuit training.

30 second Rest Is For DA PUMP!

30 second rest period is great for keeping a pump going. FST-7 is the training principle designed by Hany Rambod. It is 7 sets of 12 with a 30 second rest. The point is to get as much blood in the muscle to stretch the fascia. This works exceptionally well if you took a prohormone like Epi-1-Test or 1-Andro with your Wyked 2.1 pre workout. This would facilitate the prohormone being loaded into the muscle you’re actually training and this will prep the muscle for when you eat an assload of food for your post workout meal. Of course this system is for growing muscle not burning fat. You may do both with the help of 1-Andro assuming your diet and training are perfect but few people can follow a diet and training program that religiously. If you think you have what it takes try 30 day transformation and do it 100%, not 90%, not 80%.


60 Seconds for Fat Loss

60 seconds is the ideal amount of rest period for maximum growth hormone to be released. Despite the name, growth hormone is a fat burning hormone at normal physiological levels. The harder you exercise in a CARB FREE state, the more growth hormone is released. I invented Wyked 2.1 as a preworkout which increases Natural Growth Hormone release. This when paired with T2 will dramatically accelerate fat burning during your workout.


90 Seconds For Natural Testosterone

90 seconds has been shown in studies to increase natural testosterone release. Studies have also shown that intra workout natural testosterone release is so short lived that it has no impact on actual muscle development. The Testosterone release that does matter is the testosterone released first thing in the morning from your testicles. I invented Rise and Swell to increase this morning testosterone spike. Rise and Swell will Also increase the testosterone released when your lifting! If you’re a natural athlete looking to get bigger then this rest period is in theory the best one since it’s the most growth focused for non-enhanced athletes.


2-5 Minutes For Strength

No one quite knows why, but a set of 3 to failure seems to have you dizzy and out of breath. and in most cases it takes MINUTES not seconds, like a physiology text book says, to get back to normal. It’s assumed it has to do with repolarization of the nervous system or any number of other hypothesis, all as smart sounding as the next. But the truth is that when you use heavy ass weight for a big compound lift your doing it for strength not size or fat loss. For this reason, If your doing sets of 5 or less with a barbell use this ridiculously long rest period to get the most out of each of your heavy sets. A Neurostimulant prohormone that converts to DHT like 17 Pro Andro is ideal for increasing your gym lift strenght and 1 rep max alike. If you want the biggest numbers get 17 pro andro.



For the greatest strength gains use heavy barbell lifts with low reps and long rest periods. 17 Pro Andro helps with this. For a natural athlete looking to get bigger use 90 second rest periods and Rise and Swell to increase your natural testosterone release. 60 seconds increase natural growth hormone release which is critical for burning fat. Wyked 2.1 the best pre workout in the world will amplify this growth hormone releasing effect! 30 seconds rest is ideal for enhanced athletes using 1-Andro to force as much enhanced blood into the muscle possible.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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