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Superdiol sucks in our opinion

Superdiol sucks in our opinion

This prohormone that they call “Dimethandrostenol”  is very likely to be weak based on the shape and the energy concentrated into one spot.  While most people in this industry have no idea about steroid biochemistry, the people who are bringing out this illegal prohormone are semi-skilled at it.  With so many of the andro analogs, you get a bunch of people formulating them who have absolutely no idea what they are doing in our estimation. 

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that they understand how the dynamics of steroid receptor integration works.  In this example they took what was two potent steroids (superdrol / M-Drol and DMT / Pheraplex) and combined them, taking the different parts of each that they “thought” would be effective.  That however doesn’t mean that they will be effective when tried.  Also, they probably don’t understand that much to do with steroid chemisty is about shape.  When one concentrates energy in a certain area, like a methyl group or a double bond, there is a different effect.   

Much like fitting a shape into a hole, distorting a shape a little bit one way will get you closer to “perfect”, which in this case would be a potent steroid while pulling that shape even further in the same direction would yield less results.  I believe that this is going to be the case with Mithras.  The 2a-Methyl group adds energy to the top region and protects the 3 position ketone from deactivation.  Unfortunately, DMT / Pheraplex from which this is derived needs neither protection.  Like Methyl-Stenbolone, you are likely to get a steroid that gets weaker by combining the best of two steroids. 

Mithras strikes us as the same exact situation as methyl stenbolone.  Taking two good ideas and combining them often doesn’t produce a better idea, but in fact a worse one.  This is what we think will occur with the Mithras prohormone.   Of course, since it is illegal in our opinion we won’t be selling it here.  it is possible that Mithras will be potent, but we have seen lots of compounds over the years that claim to be potent and look good on paper.  With their recent flop that is superdiol it is likely that Dimethandrostenol will be pretty lousy as well.  

Bad Side Effects And Bad For The Industry

Since, there are literally 10-20 reported cases of superdrol liver failures and jaundice between law suits and the scientific literature alone anything that resembles superdrol is likely to be very liver toxic.  Also, DMT pheraplex was not known to be liver friendly.  Thus Dimethandrostenol is probably going to be as liver toxic as superdrol without the extreme gains in mass.  Sadly with Congress wanting to ban anything with a steroid hormone in it, people like this ruin the entire industry for everyone.  Every time someone brings out a prohormone like this, which isn’t legal (and is indeed a chemically altered steroid) it is very likely that you end up with hurt kids and more negative attention on the industry.

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