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Mind Set Meaning

Mind set meaning is defined such that you openly try to achieve goals daily and don’t quit. It doesn’t mean you will always be successful, but it does mean that you never stop trying. You don’t fail when you get a poor result, you only fail when you stop trying. Nobody is perfect and nobody gets everything in life correct the first time. The people who have been most successful fail more often than they succeed. The difference between success and failure is all in the mind set, The most successful people fail more often than they would like to admit. Michael Jordan once said “I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” All people remember is Michael Jordan succeeding, not failing. They look on him as a hero because he never stopped trying. We all have that ability, we just don’t all have the correct mind set.


How To Cultivate A Winners Attitude?

Regardless of the task, you have to always think that you can achieve it. If you going in to anything thinking that you will fail, you most assuredly will. Henry Ford said it best ” Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!” Those are profound words and they tell you that everything is in your attitude regarding the tasks that you take on. People who make excuses fall into this category, they will be failures. Why? Because you must take accountability, not deflect toward others. If you start something and fail at it, guess what? You own the failing. We all must try very hard to accept criticism as well as praise. People that are true leaders take losing personally. They take it on their shoulders and don’t pass the blame to others. That is a true leader with a winning mind set. The best way to be a winner and a leader is to take on ownership and accountability for your self.

Society Undermines Mind Set Meaning

The way our society has evolved or rather devolved is based on accountability. We have so many syndromes and excuses that seem to grow in number by the day. He isn’t bad, he just has ADD/ADHD. He has impulse control disorder! According to CDC statistics, ADHD diagnosis is up 66% since 2000. That number seems highly implausible. The pharmaceutical industry probably has a hand in on it, but we as a society have swallowed it hook, line and sinker. To me, we are raising kids who are woefully ill equipped to deal with the real world and all its harshness. That is right, I blame our generation for making our kids make excuses. The no longer need to be accountable, or fail, or lose because we have made a society where everyone wins, where everyone gets a trophy. A word to the wise, all parents think their children are special but not all people will think the same thing. Don’t set them up for failure by never letting them fail, to understand pain and disappointment.

How To Win At Life

Winning at life isn’t about having the nicest material possessions or the biggest bank account. It is about finding a level of fulfillment and satisfaction in your daily life from a job well done. I have trained people with a lot of wealth and while they don’t have money concerns, they have other challenges the average person doesn’t. Their problems also tend to be much more expensive than other peoples. The way to win at life is to set goals and then try to achieve them. It’s about the quality and not the quantity of the life lived. It has to be filled with pride of your achievement no matter how big or how small. It all starts with a spark in the mind, an idea, then a plan, and then completion of that plan. To do this you can’t be afraid to err, to endure setbacks. So long as you get up and fight through the obstacles that life can provide, you will always be a winner no matter how many times you miss that winning shot.


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