What are the Best Supplements for Someone in the Military?

Buff guy doing pushupsWhat are the best supplements for someone in the military who wants to build solid muscle mass and strength? Well, steroids and prohormones are out of the question, so the only options left are natural supplements. Another issue may be availability. Every military base, regardless of branch, will most likely have a GNC. Sometimes there may be additional options for purchasing supplements, but you may be limited to the supplements that are most commonly carried at retail locations.

Two basic supplements that are easy to find as well as effective are creatine and beta-alanine. These ingredients work together to boost strength and endurance. They are also fairly cost effective and are often found together in one formula such as in a pre-workout supplement. Creatine and beta-alanine, especially creatine, should always be included in your supplement plan and are the first supplements to go to for improving your gains.

Protein powder, although not really considered a supplement by some, can be found at any GNC or other supplement shop. This is certainly not necessary, but it can be extremely helpful in meeting your daily protein and calorie requirements as well as getting in enough daily meals. Simply use and buy protein powder as needed, rather than going by any certain daily dosing recommendations.

A couple of alternative to steroids are natural testosterone boosters and growth hormone boosters. These will manipulate your own hormonal environment to produce better gains. Testosterone boosters especially are produced by many brands, so you should have many options available to you.

Pre-workout supplements are popular and readily available. They will give you an energy boost for your workout and often include other useful ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine. Be careful with these if you workout in a hot environment. Dehydration can be a risk with any stimulant so be sure to drink plenty of water!

A couple of other types of products that may or may not be available to you are ecdysterone and arachidonic acid. Ecdysterone is a natural ingredient that boosts protein turnover and will help you keep up with an intense training regimine. Arachidonic acid will intensify the anabolic response from training wich helps to boost strength and muscle gains, but beware that many users of this supplement find themselves getting especially sore from workouts which could be a problem if you have a lot of physical demands placed on you. Once again these supplements may or may not be available to you, and are thus included last on the list of go-to supplements for someone in the military.

These are the most general and effective categories of supplements. All of these, with the exception of ecdysterone and arachidonic acid, should be available. If you reside in a hot environment and are taking supplements with creatine or stimulants in them be aware that you will need to increase your water intake above what you would normally consume, as dehydration could be a risk. Start your supplement plan with creatine and possibly beta-alanine and protein powder, and you will have a great basic stack that you can add to as you desire.


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