Michaela Robichaud's Blog 1/10/15 - Mind And Muscle

“Be the change you wish to see.”


Well it’s officially 2015 and that only means one thing… CHANGE.  As we all try to fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions, don’t forget to become a better YOU!. This New Year allows you to start fresh and to put everything behind you. Whatever may have been holding you back or bringing you down, say no more.

My goal for 2015 is to live an overall healthier and fit lifestyle. Why I choose fitness? Because it makes me feel whole. I love being able to hit the gym each day and relieve stress that I carry throughout the week. Working out allows me to clear my mind and to just do me. When you are in love with fitness, you make it a priority. A lot of people make excuses about not having enough time to work out but, I believe that if you cared about it so much then you will make time for whatever you love. In this life, I make fitness a top priority because it makes me feel better and I love helping others develop healthier lifestyles.

When you head into this New Year, don’t forget to challenge yourself. For me, I challenge myself and my teammates in the gym. Last year, I had a chance to compete in my first Figure competition after prepping for about 8 months. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I met some great people and I have never felt better about myself and who I have become. Whatever it is you love to do, make sure to commit wholeheartedly. What’s it worth if you’re not giving it 100%? For me, I plan to make 2015 another year that I get to step on stage and compete as a physique competitor. Whatever hand you’re dealt, make something of it and never give up. Never let anyone tell you different. If they aren’t laughing at your goals, then you didn’t set them high enough.



Michaela Robichaud’s Blog 1/10/15

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