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In the wild west of the supplement industry, there have been some products brought to market that were just bad ideas from the get go. Up until DASCA passed in 2014, there were some pro-hormones that were just not very healthy for human consumption. Many of these products were just plain unhealthy and likely should have never seen the light of day. Methylstenbolone is one of the products that presented horrible side effects along with DMZ, Epistane, and a few others. While nobody likes a lot of legislation in this industry, some companies just push it too far and this is the result of that. So what was so bad about this particular prohormone?

Methylstenbolone: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!

So what makes this prohormone so bad for people to consume? Well, for one it is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid. What does this mean? Because 17β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases attack the steroid molecules at the 17th carbon, the designers attach a methyl group which causes steric hindrance. This essentially blocks the enzyme from attacking the molecule, thus making it stay potent in your system longer. The end result is a potent oral steroid version that doesn’t get degraded by your gut. The real problem with this is that your liver works exceptionally hard to break this steroid down and as a result of the stress, you elevate the bio-markers ALT and AST. These tell you the condition of you liver function. To high for too long and you will also experience high bilirubin levels. That means you are about to turn yellow with jaundice. Not a pretty scenario. Nobody would debate that it didn’t work, but with what consequences?

Problems, Problems, Problems!

When you start seeing people get liver failure, this should give a sane person pause. The problem in this industry is that many people have a get big at all costs mentality. So When a high amount of people started having liver issues, the FDA became very concerned. Once this happens, the writing is on the wall for some form of action. That is why it is imperative that we do tings correctly in this industry or we won’t have an industry to discuss. It will all be under the control of Big Pharma. At Mind and Muscle, we have a line of pro-hormones that are not hepatoxic at the doses on the bottle. We have the Basic Mass Stack and Basic Cut Stack as well as the Advanced Mass Stack and the Advanced Cut Stack. All fantastic products that provide great results and no doctors bills. Find us at Mind and Muscle and start getting results today!

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