Prohormones: Methyl-1-Androstenediol

serious bodybuilder sitting17-Alpha-methyl-1-androstenediol, or methyl-1-androstenediol for short, is a prohormone that was not included in the prohormone ban effective January 20th 2005. Methyl-1-androstenediol is active on its own, but a portion of the ingested prohormone also converts to Methyl-1-Testosterone (M1T). Methyl-1-androstenediol is about 400% as anabolic as methyltestosterone while being about equal in androgenicity. Methyl-1-androstenediol is known for the rapid increases in strength that it provides, and can be used during both cutting and bulking phases. Both methyl-1-androstenediol and M1T also appear to have a water loading effect in the muscle due to inbibition on 11-beta hydroxylase.

Methyl-1-androstenediol can not convert to estrogen and neither can M1T. This Prohormone should not cause bloating or fat gain while on cycle, and gynecomastia is not common. Because of the favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio of methyl-1-androstenediol, androgenic side effects, although still a concern, should be lower than those experienced on a cycle of M1T. Methyl-1-androstenediol is a methylated prohormone, so it can cause liver stress. Luckily, high doses are not needed with this prohormone so it should not stress the liver as much as many other methylated prohormones and steroids do. The combination of the anabolic activity of methyl-1-androstenediol with the M1T that a portion of it converts to appears to provide solid gains without as many side effects as a cycle of M1T alone.

Methyl-1-androstenediol does not need to be taken in as high of a dose as many other prohormones do to see results. Doses as low as 20 mg per day can provide solid gains in size and especially strength. Methyl-1-androstenediol is typically taken in short cycles 4-6 weeks in length.

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