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The Mesomorph Pre Workout, the new KING of preworkouts. This new category of article detailing what is in your preworkout and also what is in your supplement in general. Today’s article is about Mesomorph Pre Workout, the potent stimulant based preworkout from APS Nutrition.

The Mesomorph Pre Workout was a pretty unknown preworkout on the market until the resurgence of DMAA, which is currently banned by the FDA by proxy. Interestingly though the DMAA was not the reason that Mesomorph took the center stage.

Mesomorph Rocket Pop flavor had one unique and cool marketing concept, make it a tri-layer bottle, which layered yellow on top of red on top of blue! This cool look got Mesomorph noticed and once people started trying the product, they realized that they loved it!


Mesomorph has a list of ingredients that are key to a good workout:

  • Beta Alanine – this is an amino acid that converts into carnosine. This amino acid buffers lactic acid in the muscle cell, which leads to longer output and increased strength. This ingredient gives the classic “tingle” or itch that many people love with their preworkout. It’s due to the stimulation of nerve cells.
  • L-Citrulline Malate – this amino acid salt has been shown to increase endurance and performance. It may also help increase Nitric Oxide levels, but the consensus is not solid on that one. CM is a very solid ingredient with plenty of solid data on the ergogenic effects!
  • Arginine AKG – this is another amino acid peptide. Arginine was originally thought to increase Nitric Oxide levels, but it was found that it really isn’t effective for that purpose. What it may do very well is to increase mTOR activity (a key pathway to building muscle) and also reduce the destruction of growth hormone (which is released when working out).
  • D-Creatine Malate – creatine is an amino acid like molecule that reduces myostatin (tears down muscle) and also increases both cellular energy and cellular water retention. Cellular energy production via ATP is important for workout endurance.
  • L-Taurine – this is a non-essential amino acid that has a host of positive effects. It may boost testosterone, help with glucose utilization and increase endurance. Taurine is not an essential amino acid but it’s a great addition.
  • Creatine Nitrate – this is another form of creatine bound to a NO potentiator. This means it may increase both creatine stores and also open up blood vessels. There isn’t a lot of quality data showing this to be of benefit but it certainly doesn’t hurt anything.
  • Ascorbic Acid – this is vitamin C, which is amazing for you and helps also increase NO by protecting the molecule.
  • Creatine O-Phosphate – this is a phosphated version of creatine that can recharge ATP and give you more cellular energy. COP has ergogenic benefits and stacks well with creatine.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – this is an amino acid precursor to Nitric Oxide. It also helps bring water into the muscle and may boost testosterone.


The key of course to all of these concentrated pre-workouts is the stimulant complex. Everyone seems to want to get cracked out for the gym and this is right up the alley. Mesomorph contains pretty much every legal stimulant in the tub. It has caffeine and all of it’s derivatives like theobromine. In addition, it has all of the natural PEA derivatives which give a natural “high” and elevate mood. Finally, it contains methyl-synephrine which is a chemical cousin to ephedrine and is a good energy stimulant.

The best thing about Mesomorph is that it doesn’t give you a crash at all! That’s amazing for a strong preworkout. It’s clean energy with lots of focus and power.

Mesomorph comes in a ton of flavors, but Sour Green Apple is our personal favorite. They also have Fruit Gum, Rocket Pop, Snow Cone and Watermelon. New flavors are coming out daily.


If you want the most scientifically advanced way to boost testosterone, check out Rise and Swell from Liquid Labs. This super supplement promotes testosterone production on 5 key pathways. Other testosterone boosting agents promote only one pathway!

Stacking two potent preworkouts is essential to my day. I use Wyked from Liquid Labs to boost IGF-1 levels along with creatine levels. Stack it with Mesomorph from APS nutrition. Wyked has caffeine and Yohimbine, while Mesomorph has everything else stimulant based. Take Wyked 40 minutes prior to working out and Mesomorph immediately before you train. You’ll get a whopping 7g of mixed creatine along with beta alanine right when you need it most (prevents the itching if you exercise immediately after taking Mesomorph).


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