Meet Dana: The Best Physique in the World

meetdana2Dana Linn Bailey is an incredibly beautiful and incredibly gifted physique competitor.  This past 2013 Mr. Olympia, she was crowned with first place in women’s physique.  This was the first time the world had seen women’s physique on the holy grail of bodybuilding, the Mr. O stage.   As of October 2013, she is the best physique competitor in the world.


Dana grew up as a jock and played 6 sports growing up.   Before high school, she played soccer, basketball, field hockey, track, swim team, and softball.  She studied kinesiology at West Chester University where she was recruited to play soccer.  She was crowned as the defensive player of the year when she was a junior and senior.  She was aggressive and unafraid, similar to how she competes today.  The girl is fearless.

danaShe started working out because her boyfriend at the time was a dedicated lifter.  He told her that if she wants to see him, she could see him at the gym.  What a badass.  I like this guy.  Fast-forward a couple years and Dana is incredibly proportionate and has a great set of legs.  Her shoulders and back are so detailed they are almost see-through.  And, her butt ain’t too bad either.  Way to work Dana and congrats on the big win at Mr. O.  M&M will be anxiously following Dana along her journey, so stay tuned.


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