Mealprep - Prepare for Success - Mind And Muscle

“Abs are made in the kitchen”, “80% of the success in bodybuilding is from the diet”…

All of us bodybuilders know that diet is the key to success in our sport. It ‘s not just about tearing our muscles in the gym, it’s about properly fueling them to grow and then cutting the fat in prep to show off the body you worked for. This part of bodybuilding is to most the most challenging.


If you are on a strict meal-plan like me then here are some tips on how to make it easier to stick to your diet.

1 – Invest in a lunch box or mealprep bag.

They don’t need to be the expensive brand ones or anything fancy but by being able to carry your food, even in hot weather, it will make it so much easier to stick to your diet. It’s also easy to just bring the food with you, anywhere you go.

2 – Prep twice a week

Some people may not find time to prep twice a week but by doing so your food will stay fresher and taste better. The tastier and fresher the food the easier the way to stick to it.

3 – Keep it simple

Stick to the staples, rice, chicken, turkey, greens… You don’t need to be all fancy. The “bro diet” works and it is easier to just stick to staples and have them prepped rather than to switch it up all the time.

4 – Measure/Prep the meals the night before

Say you have 6 meals a day. I labelled 6 containers with the according number and prep and measure each meal the night before. So, if something changes throughout the day I can just grab the container and am ready to go.

5 – Don’t get discouraged.

Many people won’t understand why it’s essential for you to eat certain foods at certain times. That’s when you can either just roll up the sleeves and show off the guns or try to actually explain it.

6 – Allow cheats

Yes, you should stick to your plan but planning in a cheatmeal may help you achieve your goals. Cheatmeals often are ways to go over a plateau due to the effects they have on the body. A cheatmeal can speed up your metabolism. Just make sure a cheat MEAL not a cheat day or week…

7 – Know why you are doing it

I always say that anyone can set a goal but if you don’t know why you want to achieve something and why you put in all the work you will eventually fail. So, do your research and find your why.


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