MCT Oil: For Site Enhancement?

Carrot Top over did it with the site enhancement.  With this new product he can change his name to Coconut Top.

Carrot Top over did it with the site enhancement. With this new product he can change his name to Coconut Top.

Those of you who know me think im crazy, those who don’t will now.  Injecting coconut oil into your muscles may make them grow faster.  No I’m not making this shit up.


Before I lose all the women readers let me go over some nutrition because thats what they really care about.  Caprylic acid is the main Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) in coconut oil.  It is also called Octanoic acid because it is a 8 member carbon chain, which is saturated, and has a carboxylic acid head.  

Caprylic Acid is the new oil for site enhancement.

Caprylic Acid is the new oil for site enhancement.

MCTs are different from normal saturated fat.  Because they are shorter they can pass through membranes easier than normal saturated fat.  This helps you because it means it skips the L-carnitine shuttle and jumps right into the mitochondria to generate immediate heat and energy.  Additionally it is used to make Ketone bodies for you low carbers.  

It gets better! Some of it does go into your fat cells but it is NOT stored as fat. It actually shuts off the fat cells ability to store fat, even in the presence of Insulin and blood glucose!  

It’s a fat that is used for energy immediately, makes your low carb diet work better, and stops you from getting fatter, even if you drink Frappacinos and smoothies.  

Here is the crazy new part. In a study where they added caprylic acid to testosterone and DHT they found that the testosterone and caprylic acid combination increased testosterone dependant gene expression 6%.  

This means coconut oil makes the testosterone you have, female or male, more effective.


You have heard about it but you probably don’t REALLY get it. I thought I did but I was wrong, this stuff is more complicated than most think.  Women if you’re still there keep reading, you have fascia too!



Fascia is good for something!

Fascia is good for something!

Fascia is a collagen based semiflexible material that surrounds all your muscles. It is one continuous sheet that flows from your trunk to your limbs, and starts low and works high.  If you have a hip or back issue it can affect your shoulder on usually the opposite side.  It also limits the size of your muscles mechanically.  Kind of like the lizard in the aquarium myth: the bigger the aquarium the bigger the lizard will grow! Which is bullshit for lizards but true for muscles and fascia.  It really pisses me off for another reason besides being a false statement…if its a lizard in the tank, and not water and fish, then its a TERRARIUM not an aquarium. That shit drives me nuts.

Back on topic, The fascia isn’t all bad.  It helps distribute force across multiple muscles allowing you to use your muscles in concert to illicit an effect.  When people start lifting you see this a lot. Forget about isolation, these people flail away with light weight using their whole body flopping around like a fish out of its AQUARIUM.  Think of the guy whose butt comes up on the leg extension but his knees don’t bent,just stay fixed at 135 degree angle. He actually thinks he is doing it right.  Thats Fascia helping him use more muscles since the asshat is using too much weight.

How does it do this? Its really really cool.  It works like a spiders web.  A spider sits in the middle of the web and when its meal (fly etc.) gets caught in the web the vibrations tells the spider where his food is. And he takes his time dining on its prey because the food isn’t going anywhere.

Fascia is like your muscles spider web: the force of contracting muscle actually shoots out from the body, then the fascia reflects that energy down into the muscle and along the fascia to other muscles. This lets the other muscles know if they need to pick up the slack and help out and it also protects the bones from damage.  The tighter it is in theory the more it can help you move weight.  But bodybuilding is all about isolation for muscular development and in this purpose it hinders as well as helps.

Stretching Feels Good She Said… 

Friday I asked Becky, my myofascial release specialist at Tri-Covery In Novi Michigan if I had a high pain tolerance compared to her other victims.  She told me mine is a nine. As I asked this a tear welled up in my eye.  Fascia stretching is excruciatingly painful.  More than being waxed or getting a tattoo or sets of 100 reps.

She has previously told me that not only am i the tightest fascia she has ever worked on but its very hard work to get it to stretch, in fact the hardest. Jeff who works on the Detroit Lions says only one, not all, of the linebackers on the Lions have fascia as dense as I do.  I am their only National level bodybuilder and I am unique in the sense that every week I have a new issue. Likely all bodybuilders would benefit from seeing them or another Myofascial release specialist.

And I have no doubt that the commercial professional sports are not as hard on the fascia as bodybuilding, and bodybuilders would benefit the most from this therapy.

The thickness and tightness of the fascia not only negatively impacts the roundness of the muscle belly, but the size the muscle can reach. For this reason fascia stretching is critical for bodybuilders. Foam rollers and longitudinal stretches may prove insufficient for us, but regular people may see adequate benefit.  

Hany Rambod perfected an old concept of internal fascia stretching by swelling muscles called “the Pump”  He calls his method FST-7 and basically it is a very very scientific way of explaining why what has worked for Arnold and everyone since works. And he has a few tricks he uses to optimize it.  

Long story short, use a lot of volume with medium weight to get the best pump possible, the pump stretches the fascia from the inside and will facilitate muscle growth.

Problem with this is when you leave your therapist or the gym your pump is gone and you are no longer stretching the fascia.  

Synthol: The Perpetual Fascia Stretch

Often considered the darkest art, the blackest magic, or even cheating, Synthol has been around a long time.  In a nutshell it is an injectable inert oil which stretches the fascia all day every day. It is considered extremely painful and among other things cheating.

The person injects the Synthol into the muscle which is lagging behind so it is large enough to look balanced with the rest before they step on stage.  

The long term benefits are permanent fascia stretching. One has to wonder why not then just inject your normal steroids into the weak body part? That is also an oil and would cause fascia stretching.  My best reason is that the size of the muscle impacts the rate of absorption and the area under the curve of effective delivery of the drug. For instance 78% of a 1 ml steroid injected into the gluteal muscle will be utilized but if that same shot was given to the delt only 56% would be utilized. The rest trickles out of the injection site for months and has no impact on the growth of muscle. In addition the size of the injection negatively impacts the amount absorbed, and synthol is supposed to work best in large amounts up to 3 ml in each head of the bicep!

How Does Any Of This Tie Together?

A company is out there using a new version of Synthol with Caprylic acid as the oil used. Their brilliant idea is stretch the fascia with the MCT oil (caprylic acid) That way you get multiple benefits: You’re using an oil which amplifies your normal steroid injections and when it does get absorbed into your system it isn’t stored as bodyfat, it is used to stop the storage of body fat. It is really a quite brilliant idea.  A way to make it better is to load the syringe with the anabolic steroid and the new MCT synthol, the shorter the ester the better. Base is Ideal.

I want to point out that a 1 ml shot is about 1 g of MCT oil…not a significant amount.  

For a Significant pump from multiple different mechanism which also burns fat rom the hard to reach places and boosts Growth Hormone Use Wyked 2.1!!!!

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

Below I included an ancient system of references because people didn’t understand the hyperlinks I have after the disclaimer are references.  I did not hyperlink them because if this ancient system is superior then why corrupt it with progress?

The pectoral fascia: Anatomical and histological study, Antonio Stecco,Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy (2008)

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