Mass Meals For Skinny Guys

You Call Yourself A Doctor!?

This Mass Meals for Skinny Guys plan is for hardgainers/ectomorphs and or other guys who can’t eat enough calories in a day to gain weight. This usually means that you’re going to have to eat sugar and or dirty food to gain any weight, most of it will be fat and water but definitely some will be muscle. This is NOT healthy, I am not giving my medical recommendation to eat like this. I’m saying If you want to put on mass as a hardgainer this is how its done, whether it’s healthy or not makes no difference. Sometimes the only road to heaven goes straight through the heart of hell.


Since body fat over 15%, high estrogen, and no testosterone is the absolute worst combination to building fat free muscle, WOMEN SHOULD NEVER BULK. You’ll just gain body fat as all the food will go to the fat cells.  Woman who eat like shit after their first show,  gain 10 lbs of blubber in a blink of an eye, I however can eat like shit for months and my glute cuts don’t go away. This is because women’s hormones and muscle to fat ratio are so bad that any sugar, insulin, or saturated fat will get stored as body fat. Their relatively slow metabolism and poor insulin sensitivity will rarely allow them to get away with this food. Each and every dirty meal sticks to most women and again, women should abstain from sugar or “american cuisine”. Only eat body building food all year round if you want the best body and the best health.
That being said, psychologically its unhealthy to deprive yourself what you love for years straight without hope of an end. You need to ask yourself; what’s more important, junk food or being the best you can be? If you want to eat crap you probably should once and a while for your emotional health. But if you’re strong enough not to its ideal for your progress to abstain. I myself cheat dirty once a week minimum because I can and want to. But when I couldn’t get away with it, I didnt for months straight and was fine with it. If I craved something I would make it myself to fit my macros from my acceptable food list.

Basically all women are metabolically endomorphs: its a constant and arduous uphill battle just to maintain, and any relaxation results in becoming rounder and softer. Trying to stay the same let alone look better is running up a muddy hill in a hurricane.

To The Topic at Hand

Ectomorphs and hardgainers are the complete opposite of endomorphs. Instead of no sugar, no cheat meals, high volume training, estrogen blockers and tons and tons of year round cardio like an endomorph or woman has to do, an ectomorph does the opposite!

For this diet you should follow the advice in Mass Building for Skinny Guys and if you really want to make efficient use of your time and money invested in your new body read and purchase what I discuss in Prohormones for Skinny Guys.

Summary of what you missed:
No cardio.
Sets of 6-10 to failure, with intensity techniques and set extenders.
Use appropriate support, stretching, warm ups.
Keep the volume low, but frequency high: 6-12 sets per bodypart and hit each body part 2 times a week.

Mass Meal Plan

Forget the stupid calculators. They don’t work for GAINING only losing. My parent diet article is 30 Day Transformation: The Time Is Now. I would read that after this as it has hyperlinks in it describing why I think certain things are good for bodybuilding and healthy. Your diet is based on this core article with some modifications.

#1 priority is you need more carbs. This is because ectomorphs make less insulin in my opinion.

New Macro Formula: 2 x bodyweight in protein g, 2 x body weight in carbs g, 0.5 x bodyweight in fat g.

For Example: a 150 lb hardgainer should have 300 g protein, 300 g carbs, 75 g fat. That’s only 3,000 calories, and you’re not going to gain weight from that. But this is our starting point. Every week add 75 g carbs divided amongst all your carb meals. If you can’t eat any more at your meals then that’s when we sub out the clean food in 30 Day Transformation: The Time Is Now for dirtier food.

To give you an Idea I was 180 lbs eating 6,000 calories a day to get up to 190. I was eating either 4 donuts or 6 pop-tarts after my post workout shake. EVERY DAY. Cutting I had 350 g protein, 365 g carbs, and 70 g fat the first 24 weeks of prep. I lost 30 lbs between mid april and early november. No cardio until the last 4 weeks and the last 2 weeks cardio is only an HOUR! If I can cut on 3,490+ calories and bulk on 6,000 then hardgainers obviously need a ton of calories to grow!

How Mass Was Added

I started at 3,500 calories and every couple weeks 500 more calories were added. After 8 weeks I reduced the calories by 500 for 2 weeks then again for 4 weeks of very mild fat burning, then started adding calories back in again.  This was a new method I haven’t tried.

8 weeks at + 250 a week to get me up to 5,500 then when myostatin is released just pulled back on some of the junk food calories to allow my body to keep getting stronger and burn off some fat. If I was eating 5,500 and NOT CHANGING then taking away 500 will place me in a calorie deficit! That’s right, even though its 5000 calories my body was running so hot that I burned off fat for a month since my metabolism was up regulated to 5,500. My body doesn’t watch Doctor OZ and The View so It doesn’t know what the “experts” at looking your best have to say. It just knows that it needs to grow or die since I beat the shit out of it.

If I didn’t train hard enough to puke almost every workout this would have failed. No intensity = no gains. All those extra calories get expelled as waste or turned into fat not muscle if your workouts are not intense.

How To Substitute

You have your clean food list from 30 days. Lets say that you can’t eat 8 oz of chicken and 3 cups of rice after you lift, In the example I substituted whey protein and dextrose for chicken and rice. Generally the faster the food digests (lower fat content) the more in a day you can eat. If you can’t eat all your beef, swap it out for a beef protein shake. If you can’t get all your egg whites down, swap it out for whey protein. If you can’t get in your turkey or chicken then have tilapia instead.

Or have ½ your protein from tilapia, and ½ your protein from whey. If you can digest this much whey and fish then your protein turnover will be really fast. This will give you room for starchy carbs. If you can’t get in all the starchy carbs you can substitute fruit like bananas and dried fruit like crasins (i like the blueberry infused crasins) to get more in quickly. the crasins and blueberry 1 2 punch gives you kidney protection and antioxidants. The bannana potassium. Sweet potato vitamin A.

Another substitute is Rice Chex cereal, or baked potato chips. This is a good source of potatoes and rice that have been dehydrated so you can force more in your stomach. I could easily kill a box of Rice Chex in 2 hours after I lift, but there is no way I could have 5 cups of rice!!! I pour my Rice Chex in a bowl and my post workout protein shake over it to make cereal. This is while contest prepping I have to eat so much!!

If You Can’t Get All Your Food In

Alternate whey isolate with tilapia and use Rice Chex, Crispix, Fruity Pebbles, for rice. Baked Lays for potato. This way your substituting clean to force more food in without getting dirty. Now if you’re willing to have corn, which is gluten free but proinflammatory, the best bet is Baked Tostitos with salsa. Then Kix cereal. If your into oats, I would have Cinnamon Life cereal.

Yes, Im saying you can grow on whey, fish, and certain breakfast cereals while staying dairy and gluten free and thus not cheating, just clean bulking with awesome foods while staying super low fat. This is similar to how I grew in middle school, highschool, and college.

(Skip This If You Don’t Care How I Started)

I started at 13 years old about 95 lbs able to bench 100 lbs, and by 19 I was 160 and could bench 255, and leg press 1080 on a pendulum press.

I ran my diet like this (mind you this was at 13 years old in 1993 before any “Atkins” revolution): I would have eggs and bacon for breakfast. My mom said I needed brain food (omega -3s). I would lift in weight lifting class in the morning right before lunch, I had weights instead of gym class 7th through 12th grade. While in the lunch line I would have a coke or a chocolate milk. Then at lunch I usually had some red meat and fries or pizza. I felt red meat was better for building muscle because it was closer to what our bodies were made of. This was in 1993 or so when no one knew anything about omegas, and creatine was one step under steroids. Then I would do wrestling or martial arts after school and have a coke afterward. When I got home I had steak or lamb and rice or potatos. And then while I watched TV I would alternate eating Haagen Daz ice cream covered in hershey’s chocolate syrup and Corn Chex. I liked corn the most. In college it was similar but I didn’t have the ice cream, I had a frappuccino or something. I didn’t find out till 2009 or so that I was supposed to avoid dairy based on my blood type. And the no gluten thing wasn’t implemented until 2011. For why not to have dairy or gluten check out my article Foods To Avoid.

So If you’re in school reading this thats a solid plan with some protein shakes. Back then 60-100 g of protein a day was plenty and we thought high carbs/low fat was how you grew….. then protein powder and creatine got popular and now its 30$ in supps a workout. Training was total body 3 times a week 3 x 10 with 3 x 15, 12, 8. except bench which was a pyramid up to a 1 rep max once a week.

How I’ll Grow This Offseason

(example diet for 160 lb hardgainer)

I plan on hitting every body part 1 time a week. Focusing on increasing strength in incline bench, squat, EZ Bar BB curls, tricep pressdowns. and weighted pull ups. Deadlifts depend on the type but above the knee rack pulls and shrugs will be a good gauge of posterior chain strength. I want to get my incline bench to 225 for 6, squat to 335 for 6 and BB curl to 110 for 8, Bent row to 335 for 6, Leg press to 1100 for 6 etc. These goals make it fun to lift as I have a goal which I can achieve in a period of time if I keep trying.

My goal is not to get to a body weight, it’s to gain strength which will increase white fiber density and which will eventually result in size when I switch to a hypertrophy month, where I use high volume to fill the new white fibers with more glycogen and water.

I’m not going to do more than warm up cardio.

I’m going to eat between 250-380 g protein and about 400 carbs. Fat will be incidental after the lift since thats when I have my carbs and it’s important not to mix them. Mostly almonds and MCT or Coconut oil pre workout, since there are no carbs until after you lift.

The Diet

When I can’t get all my food in I will make substitutions. I’m going to write the Ideal diet, then what I’m probably going to end up doing.

310 g protein
360-430 g carbs
80 g fat
3,400-3,680 calories, This is my maintenance. With this I should convert 1 lb of fat into muscle per month or 2 at this rate. But since I’m post show this probably won’t happen, I just don’t have the fat to spare. After 2 weeks Ill add another 75 g carbs and see if that will move the scale or the weights i’m pushing in the gym. If not, in 2 more weeks another 300 calories. This continues until I start looking worse from either too much food or resorting to decreasing the quality of the food to make it all fit in my body in a 24 hour period.

Ideal Meal 1: 44 g protein, 0 g carbs, 27 g fat
4 strips of turkey bacon fried in coconut oil, 1 cup egg whites 2 whole eggs.

What I’ll probably eat: 66 g protein, 3 g carbs, 22 g fat
2 scoops of whey in coffee and 1 tbsp MCT oil with a whole egg thrown in raw and 1 tbsp maranatha almond butter. Its fast digesting and the MCT will act immediately to stop muscle loss from the overnight fast. If I did cardio this would be after, but I won’t so it makes no difference.

Ideal Meal 2: 48,0, 17
8 oz Fish fried in coconut oil

What I’ll probably eat: 50,0,15
Ill probably make a few pounds of chicken or turkey burgers then cover them in MCT oil and seasoning, then make the other the next day. Fish sucks reheated so I eat that at home.

Ideal Meal 3: same

What I’ll probably eat: same

Pre-workout: 3 scoops Wyked 2.1, 2 scoops Nocturnus

Mid workout: Half Time

Post Workout: 30- 100g dextrose and 60 g whey, 5 g glutamine, 5 g creatine, in 22 oz water

Amount of carbs and protein will vary depending on how much time after my workout I realistically have to get real food in. If its arms, legs, or shoulders I’m going to use more carbs to get a bigger insulin response.

Ideal post workout meal: 60, 132, 5
10 oz tilapia blackened with franks red hot and garlic powder. Served over 3 cups of white rice

What I’ll probably eat: 60, 132, 2
I’ll be all dizzy and nauseous from all the sugar of my last shake, so ill probably have the tilapia but eat 1 cup raisins or 4 bananas or a combination of all three: the crasns driving home, a banana in an extra shake (deduct 4 oz fish), and 8 oz of fish on 1 cup of rice an hour later.

It looks disgusting but everyone who has ever tried it LOVED IT!

It looks disgusting but everyone who has ever tried it LOVED IT!

Ideal 5th meal: 64, 103, 13
10 oz chicken and 16 oz sweet potato all mashed together with a tbsp of almond butter and cinnamon with stevia sprinkled on top. After years of year round dieting I hate chicken. A few years ago i learned how to mash or shred chicken and add it to other things to hide its flavor. this tastes like pumpkin pie and is WAY tastier than it looks.

What I’ll probably eat: ~60, ~100, ~ 10
Ill probably start with a box of rice chex and when I’m hungry enough I’ll have a low fat pulled pork from CostCo to get the extra carbs in from the BBQ sauce on the pork. I’ll probably have greek yogurt with fruit at the bottom to squeeze in more carbs and get some protein in the process. The rice chex are delicious in this, or almonds if you’re mixing fat and carbs. Other options are beans and quinoa for all carbs so that you get to eat less meat, They both are pretty high in protein and if you’re having 100 carbs from beans you’re getting 28 g of protein or so so it saves you from having to eat 4-5 oz of meat by using beans or quinoa instead of rice or potato. This makes things easier but they are more expensive than potatoes or rice. Additionally its hard to find them dehydrated. I tried Black bean pasta once but it was nasty. Lentils and rice pasta are other choices. Or my favorite, Gnocchi (potato pasta).

Ideal meal 6: 60, 100, 20
10 oz sirloin steak, 16 oz sweet potato.

What I’ll probably eat: 66, 90, 33
If i’m out or I can afford a dirty meal Ill go to wendy’s and order 2 triple stacks no cheese and a small fry with a diet coke;)

If i want to keep it clean I’ll have 2 scoops of protein in caffeine free diet pepsi with 2 bananas and maybe a little bit of almond butter with 5-10 g psyllium fiber to get the shake to digest slower. The fiber may bind up the protein though so you may lose calories this way.

What will most likely happen is 6 oz steak and 8 oz potato with half the shake.

Buddy's Pizza is one of my favorite dirty cheats! I still get fat free cheese and gluten free crust lol.

Buddy’s Pizza is one of my favorite dirty cheats! I still get fat free cheese and gluten free crust lol.

Cheat Meals

Usually people try to keep these clean. I try to get in as much food as possible without messing up my digestion. Pizza agrees with me, pizza and ice cream does not. Chinese food agrees with me. So I try to stay away from empty calories and dairy. If you need these to enjoy your life then eat them. It’s not going to hurt you to eat shitty 1 meal out of 42 a week. Just dont do 2 in a row, at least wait 2 days between them. If you have to cheat or not eat, then cheat assuming there is some protein and the last meal wasn’t a slow one. Like if I have my post workout shake then realize my next meal is rotted, I dont just have another shake in 2 hours I try to find some protein and carbs, tuna rolls at a sushi place is a clean option, Subway is the next best choice or go to the grocery store and get rice cakes and sliced turkey from the deli counter. But in the end Wendy’s or BK will do. JUST DON’T SKIP MEALS. If your hungry you could be digesting new food. You need all the calories you can to grow.

Yes your whole diet could be dirty but then half your gains are fat. At that point you’re not lean and thin, you’re just fat since there isn’t much muscle for the fat to hang off of. Only tall and muscular guys can carry fat and wear it well.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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