Magnesium Aids Sleep Deprivation - Mind And Muscle

Magnesium Aids Sleep Deprivation According to a Recent Study!

Life unfolds at a breakneck pace. It seems as though our lives have become the proverbial rat race, and none of us seem to be able to find the pit. Longer workdays, longer commutes, more traffic, kids events, and errands make for less time for sleep. According to statistics, up to 40% of the population of the USA is sleep deprived. Instead of the 8 hours recommended by health professionals, the average US citizen sleeps just 6.8 hours per night, a full 15% less than is recommended. This can lead to stress, obesity, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, and a host of other maladies. So if more sleep is not in the cards, what can be done to cut the risk of health problems. According to Japanese researchers, who did a study published in the Japanese Circulation Journal, magnesium may be a god send. M

The Study

The that put the boys intake at 100 mg of extra magnesium daily over what they ate in their normal diet. In most countries in the developed world, people consume too little magnesium and too much calcium. The students cycled against increasing resistance, both before and after being sleep deprived. The intensity levels were recorded at which the students’ muscles went into anaerobic respiration. This is when the body burns glucose faster, and lactic acid builds up too fast for the body to deal with. This is called the anaerobic threshold.

The students who didn’t supplement magnesium reached their anaerobic threshold at a lower level. They were unable to attain the intensity level the magnesium supplemented group did and The right-hand figure below shows that the students reached their anaerobic threshold more quickly when deprived of sleep, but also that this was not the case in the students that had taken extra magnesium. So the result was that magnesium buffered the lack of sleep so that those using it saw no decrease in performance over those who got enough sleep.

Jpn Circ J. 1998 May;62(5):341-6.

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