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Lutalyse for Site Enhancement

Dinoprost Tromethamine, which goes by the trade name Lutalyse, is a synthetically produced form of the prostaglandin PGF2alpha. Its actual medical use is mainly in animals for various purposes including the controlling of bleeding. For physique athletes, Lutalyse is a non-steroidal anabolic and fat burning agent used for enhancement at the site of injection. (1, 2, 3) Its fat burning effects likely come from the ability of PGF2alpha to inhibit adipogenesis (storage of body fat), (2) and its site specific anabolic effects likely come from this prostaglandins ability to stimulate protein synthesis. (1)

The anecdotal evidence seems to support the research on this drug as well. Anecdotal reports have shown Lutalyse to be very good for site specific growth and pumps, even after only a couple of weeks. There has also been many reports of athletes experiencing significant fat loss with Lutalyse. (3)

Unfortunately, Lutalyse comes with a nasty list of side effects gathered from anecdotal evidence. Reports of significant inflammation and soreness at the site of injection as well as chills and other flu-like symptoms are not uncommon. There has also been reports of uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting after injection, and bouts of shortness of breath. Users who continue use of Lutalyse despite the nasty side effects report that they lessen with continued use. (3)


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3. Llewellyn, W (2006). Anabolics 2006. Jupiter, FL: Body of Science

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