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How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle ?

While some people may want to bulk up and add weight and others may want to lose body fat and weight, some people would like to lose some fat and gain some muscle without necessarily losing or gaining any body weight. There is nothing wrong with this, but many people go about achieving this goal the wrong way. As a result, they end up putting in months of hard work with little results to show for all of their efforts.

There are two general ways that a person can lose fat and gain muscle. One is to first eat a high calorie muscle building diet to gain some muscle, and then eat a lower calorie fat loss diet to shed body fat while retaining the muscle that was gained. The second way to lose fat and gain muscle is to attempt to do both at the same time, a process often referred to as a “recomposition”. In a recomposition, a person eats enough calories to maintain their body weight. The goal here is that after some period of time, the result will be a body with less fat and more muscle.

Recomposition diets are typically not very efficient, but are good for people that are just starting a training program as their body has a greater growth and fat loss response to training at this point. Taking things one step at a time, first eating a diet to gain muscle and then eating a diet to lose fat, will yield better results per period of time. What this means is that eating specifically to gain muscle for four months and then dieting to lose fat for two months should yield better results than attempting to do a recomposition for six months.

For information on how to gain muscle, I suggest that you read my article “The Basics of Gaining Muscle!



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