Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone

Mind And Muscle Te Pro-hormone: Review

In the ever competitive field of sports supplements, it is always beneficial to help consumers find the products they desire. Many people are seeking that edge in pro-hormones. They are looking for something safe, effective, and low in cost. We at Mind and Muscle are always leading the industry in developing exciting new products for our customers to use. We take great pride in the fact the we don’t sell bunk products. What you see is what you get! These products are as close to the real deal as you can get. These are arguably the strongest legal pro-hormone products on the planet. In informal trails, many have reported gains of 4-16 lbs at the same level of muscularity in 4 short weeks. It will be a great addition to the supplement regimen of people looking to gain muscle. So just what is Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone?

Mind And Muscle Te: A Look Under The Hood.

What exactly is Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone and what does it do? The active compound in Liquid Labs Te is 3b-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one. This is a Class 2 pro-hormone. Class 2 hormones are what those in the industry call “wet” hormones. This means that the hormone will aromatize and some is converted into estrogen. Wet hormones are primarily stacked to build muscle mass and alleviate the common side effects of dry hormones, such as joint pain. This compound is a great stand alone hormone as it’s conversion to estrogenic compounds is much lower than most Class 2 Pro-hormones.The end result of this is products is that it converts to testosterone. More testosterone generally means more maleness; more maleness= more muscle. One need be careful using this product though because too much estrogen will cause bloating, gynecomastia, and acne. The best solution is to use an aromatase inhibitor like Liquid Labs A-Dex when using Liquid Labs Te.

Mind And Muscle Te: Powerful Dosing Schedule

Liquid Labs has made a very powerful, legal option to consumers looking for a hardcore supplement that is cutting edge. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is for the lifter consumed with getting maximum results out of their supplements. This is so good, some customers have sworn “they’re “running gear.” Each ml contains 125 mg of  the active compound   making it very powerful. The recommended dose is 2 ml after waking and 2 ml before bed. It has a sublingual delivery system which is rapidly absorbed through the mucosa in the mouth. This helps to avoid degradation by the liver if it were swallowed. This also make it a much more effective compound. The other 2 ml dose is taken just before bed. At 500 mg of dose, this makes this arguably the strongest LEGAL pro-hormone on the market. So far in 5 test subjects with differing morphology (body types), the average gain in scale weight was between 4-10 pounds in 4 weeks using just the Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone.

Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone: Buy It Now!

I have been around gyms for 30 years. I have competed in high level bodybuilding for 28 years. I have seen many products legal and illegal and probably tried them all. Liquid Labs Te Pro-hormone is one of the best legal products left after years of ever changing laws by our federal government. . This is probably the strongest line on the planet that is still within the legal rights of supplement consumers. Take advantage and kick your training into high gear. Its sweater season soon and that means time to make those size gains. Time to eat big, train bigger, and use our Basic Mass Stack to make your body the best it can be during the winter months so you can put on quality muscle size. Come January or February, you then use our Basic Cut Stack to hone that into permanent ripped, lean gains. Don’t wait, order today and get the gains you have always dreamed of. Make 2016 the best summer look of your life!



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