Liquid Labs Pro Series

Liquid Labs Pro Series

Liquid Labs strives to provide the last legal prohormones that Congress intended to remain available to consumers to promote health and wellness. Their new Liquid Labs Pro Series line include the best available legal prohormones on the market today.

Liquid Labs prohormones are made in a GMP facility and these products are properly dosed to give you the same benefits of a steroid cycle without the side effects, the dirty gear and the risk of buying “fake” gear.

Nothing is worse than plunking down $180 dollars to some “steroid dealer” in the gym, only to find out a few weeks into your cycle that it’s bunk and fake.  Don’t believe it doesn’t happen my friends because it happens all the time. Sadly, steroid dealers don’t give refunds either!


Liquid Labs Te

Liquid Labs Te

Testosterone Enthanate is the steroid of choice for men who use illegal steroids to help them look and feel their best.  We can’t of course sell this due to it being a Schedule III Anabolic Steroid in the US.

Can Liquid Labs Te equal the potency of 1000mg of Testosterone Enthanate a week?  No, but we hope to give you the benefits of a SANE steroid cycle without the side effects, the dirty gear and the risk of buying “fake” gear.

Liquid Labs Te is made in a GMP facility and gives your body the prohormone to Testosterone and preliminary studies show that this prohormone can rival a Testosterone Enthanate injection of 500mg per week.

Testosterone is the parent male hormone and is the most important hormone for building muscle, staying lean, and feeling like a man!

Testosterone is necessary for sexual function and is a must in any cycle, it forms your ‘testosterone base’.  This “base’ eases side effects and gives your body much needed supporting hormones on a cycle to help you grow!

Testosterone is vital for a healthy male body and studies have shown men to be deficient in this hormone due to the massive amounts of chemicals in our diets.

You need your testosterone base for general health and sexual function and to preserve muscle tissue. Many people make the mistake of taking a prohormone like DMZ or other banned substance thinking that adding this to their body will have only the effects listed on the bottle. What scantless marketers don’t tell you is that as you add prohormones to your body, your natural test production decreases. This is why you need a ‘Test base.’ alone or stacked with other prohormones.

Liquid Labs Te is that “test base” in the form of its prohormone!  This prohormone converts into testosterone in your body!

Adding Testosterone to a cycle gives your body what it needs to function and be healthy, and for that reason Liquid Labs Te needs to be in every cycle!

“Test is best” for growth, nothing puts on mass like testosterone.  And this is another reason you want this in every growth cycle!
Skip the illegal dealers with their “bunk” bathtub brewed steroids and stick with the best legal prohormone to Testosterone still left on the market.  Make Liquid Labs Te part of your cycle or use it alone to give you the benefits of increased Testosterone.

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Liquid Labs Pr

Liquid Labs Pr

Liquid Labs Pr is the prohormone to 1-testosterone. Pr is powered by the King of Prohormones, 1-Andro!

We’re calling it Liquid Labs Pr because it reminds me of Primo; Side effect free muscle growth!

If you can find someone to sell you injectable Primo and it’s actually what is claimed on the bottle, consider yourself lucky.  Real Primo is so rare you usually just get test or deca in a bottle labeled Primo.

Primo is prized for lean gains that are relatively free from side effects.

Liquid Labs Pr is a legal prohormone that the US congress permits for men to use to help them look and feel their best.  It’s the last legal pathway for men to achieve “steroid like gains”.

A cycle of Primo would likely cost you well over $500 and you won’t know if it’s “real” for at least 2 weeks.  Liquid Labs Pr can give you very similar effects and it’s made in our GMP facility, so you know it’s “real” and you don’t need to worry about getting “bunk” gear.  (Trust me it happens more than you care to know.)

Primo is the holy grail of anabolics but it’s not cheap, which is why it is so hard to get on the black market.  It grows muscle and has very little down sides. Obviously if you take way too much you can suppress your natural testosterone production, but that’s why you use either Te to give yourself a ‘test base’ or you use Rise and Swell to increase natural testosterone  production on cycle.

The directions are written to guarantee you have minimal downsides.  I ran the double blind clinical trial on the parent compound 1-Andro myself and it had no reported side effects or blood work alterations in any of the test subjects.

Liquid Labs Pr does not convert into estrogen or DHT, that’s how we avoid all the common side effects you get with testosterone overdose.

You won’t likely see gynecomastia, hair loss, aggression, sexual dysfunction (unless it’s in your head), blood pressure changes or heart damage like you would with illegal steroids or testosterone. Once again that’s with the recommended amount, if you overdose on it I can’t predict the outcome, I myself have used 4 times normal dose with no problems (1000 mg a day).

So if you want something which you can add to any cycle or  use by itself, be it mass or cutting,  use Liquid Labs Pr!  It will put on rock hard mass when your calories are high (mass building) and it will spare your muscle from certain death when your calories are low (cutting).

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Liquid Labs EQ

Liquid Labs EQ

Liquid Labs Eq is the prohormone to, you guessed it, EQ!

Equipoise is expensive and hard to find on the black market.  Nothing is worse than plunking down $180 dollars to some “steroid dealer” in the gym, only to find out a few weeks into your cycle that it’s bunk and fake.  Don’t believe it doesn’t happen my friends, because it happens all the time.  Sadly, steroid dealers don’t give refunds either!

EQ aka Equipoise aka Boldenone is the best wet anabolic you can use to ease joint pain, increase hunger and provide lean gains.

When you’re trying to grow, a wet prohormones is best because some of it converts into estrogen and that helps you build muscle (red words are hyperlinks and take you to explanations). Other metabolites are the extra potent 1-testosterone (final product of the Liquid Labs masterpiece Pr) and an Aromatase Inhibitor. This means the longer you’re on Liquid Labs Eq the dryer your whole cycle gets despite Eq itself being ‘wet’…

Eq is what bodybuilders use while growing to get nearly the size benefits of testosterone without losing their hair.  Never have I seen a professionally written cycle that didn’t match testosterone mg for mg with Eq. If all the pros are wrong, how do they look so big?

Eq is often used in place of “Deca” because it’s great for the joints and gives a nice slow and steady gain, with little to no side effects.
Use Liquid Labs Eq if you want to get big without hair loss all while increasing appetite and easing joint pain.  After your cycle, take a course of Rise and Swell to boost up your natural testosterone production.

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Liquid Labs Ma

Liquid Labs Ma

Masteron is a prized anabolic steroid by many of the top pro’s because it helps them cut up and shed water, all while boosting strength.

Much of the masteron on the market is “fake” or “bunk” gear.  Nothing is worse than plunking down $180 dollars to some “steroid dealer” in the gym, only to find out a few weeks into your cycle that it’s bunk and fake.  Don’t believe it doesn’t happen my friends because it happens all the time.  Sadly, steroid dealers don’t give refunds!

Ma is what you need to get shredded like the top pros. It makes your muscles diamond hard and your skin paper thin. Ma is the closest legal prohormone equivalent to masteron, which is used to get super lean before a show or a cut cycle along with Wi, Pr, and Tr, the Liquid labs prohormone analogs for Winstrol, Primo,  and Trenbolone.

Ma has special properties that aren’t dominant with Te or testosterone:

*Ma makes you stronger

*Ma burns fat directly at the fat cell

*Ma inhibits the aromatase enzyme, like arimidex or letrozole. This helps prevent gyno when added to a wet cycle

*Ma makes you more alert

*Ma may cause hair loss in 50% of men, the men who are going to lose your hair anyway,

*Ma may cause shutdown so make sure you have PCT ready.
Like any steroid or prohormone, Ma can shut down your natural production, so it’s wise to use something like Rise and Swell for PCT (many people use it on cycle too to keep their test levels high).

Buy your Liquid Labs Ma Now

Liquid Labs Wi

Liquid Labs Wi

Wi is the closest legal prohormone to Winstrol.  Winstrol is a famous cutting oral used by bodybuilders to maintain their mass while carving off fat with the added benefit of increased strength. It’s this increased strength that is key to preserving your muscle, you have to lift the same weight for the same reps or better while cutting than you did in the offseason or you lose muscle.

Winstrol is unique because it doesn’t cause anger or aggression on a cycle and Wi is very similar in its effects.

Much of the “Winny” on the market is bad news.  Nothing is worse than plunking down $180 dollars to some “steroid dealer” in the gym, only to find out a few weeks into your cycle that it’s bunk and fake.  Don’t believe it doesn’t happen my friends because it happens all the time.  Sadly, steroid dealers don’t give refunds either!

Many of you have heard that winstrol causes joint pain? Not Wi.  Winstrol has the special ability to stop cortisol from being released from the adrenal cortex. Wi does not have this problem, it blocks cortisol from binding to muscle eating it away, but not from binding to the joints and reducing the inflammation from hard lifting! This makes it better in theory since you’re dodging the bullet on the worst side effect of winstrol.

Winstrol has been known to cause hair loss in about 50% of men, the same 50% that were going to lose their hair any way, but Wi is dosed appropriately enough that a 4 or 8 week cut cycle will cause minimal hair loss if any, even if you’re the genetically predisposed 50%.
And after your 4 or 8 week cut with Wi you may benefit using Rise and Swell post cycle for 4 weeks.  This returns any loss of natural testosterone back to normal or above!

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Liquid Labs Tr

Liquid Labs TrTrenbolone is an illegal anabolic steroid that is called “The Nectar of The Gods” by many in the illegal underground. Unfortunately, much of it on the market is fake or seriously underdosed.

Nothing is worse than hearing about a friend who spent his last dime on a Tren cycle only to find out a week into it that he got bunk gear!  The losses are horrific!
There’s the money of course. Tren is expensive and needs to be dosed every other day via injection (which is horrible).  Also, all of the extra food needed to really make a steroid cycle work.
There’s the time wasted in the gym which is terrible since many guys have a goal or date in mind to end their cycle, whether its a contest or an event (like spring break).
Finally, there is the wasted mental energy planning everything and the fear of injecting yourself with a needle every other day.  Also, Tren, if you are lucky enough to get it, starts to wear on you mentally in a few weeks, causing mood swings and depression.
Tr from Liquid Labs combines the absolutely best and most pure prohormone that is similar in effects to Tren (a sane cycle) without all of the negative side effects.
Tr promotes lean mass and nutrient partitioning like Tren, without the nasty side effects and the painful injections.  Tr is suspended in oil like the injectable, but works through the lymphatic system to give clean gains and almost no side effects.
Tr is vastly different to any other prohormone because it won’t bind to the traditional receptors (ER,PR,AR) yet still causes muscle growth.
For a clean alternative to a sane Trenbolone cycle, Tr is the perfect replacement that won’t land you in jail, the poor house or the hospital.  At around the same price (50-60 per vial of Tren) you can take two doses a day or double up to four doses a day for hard core gains.
Buy Your Liquid Labs Tr Now

Liquid Labs A-Dex

Liquid Labs A-DEX

Many steroid users buy black market Arimidex and Letrozole (tamoxifen) to ward off the effects of estrogen on cycle and boost their testosterone post cycle (PCT).  These two powerful drugs, have some serious side effects that make them less than perfect for men who are looking to grow.

Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor, which means it stops the conversion of Testosterone to estrogen.  This boosts testosterone levels and reduces estrogen.  Arimidex also may upregulate the aromatase enzyme which could cause an estrogen crash when you come off of it.
Letrozole (Tamoxifen) is a powerful breast cancer drug that blocks estrogen at the receptor.  It can boost testosterone as well and is used on cycle to block gyno.  Unfortunately Letro can block IGF-1 which is a very important growth factor for muscle.
Liquid Labs A-Dex uses 3,5-Diene, which is a naturally occurring hormone that does the work of both Arimidex and Letrozole.  It blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and also blocks estrogen at the receptor, which makes it a killer ingredient for on cycle estrogen protection and/or post cycle therapy (boosting natural testosterone production).
In addition to 3,5 diene,Liquid Labs A-Dex uses 7,8 Benzoflavone, which is a natural ingredient that also reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
These two ingredients giveLiquid Labs  A-Dex the punch to be even better than grey market Letrozole and Arimidex.
Buy Your Liquid Labs A-Dex Now
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