Liquid Labs Ma

Liquid Labs Ma

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Liquid Labs Ma is a veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing. The entire Liquid Labs Pro Series were designed to be the strongest prohormone stacks that are available today. The Basic Mass Stack and the Basic Cut Stack are both base stacks for the newbie or the experienced person who wants a short run or cheaper stack. The Advanced Mass Stack and Advanced Cut Stack are more comprehensive stacks for the person who wants the cadillac stack of prohormones. The different components of these stacks each play a part. The focus of this article is the Liquid Labs Ma. This product is made from epiandrosterone or stanolone molecule. The molecule is straight DHT  so it cannot be aromatized which could cause gynecomastia . Another benefit is that it actually inhibits the aromatase enzyme. This allows other “wet” compounds like Liquid Labs Te to be used and not cause as many androgenic side effects. Lets look at the many benefits of Liquid Labs Ma.

  • Liquid Labs Ma makes you stronger
  • Liquid Labs Ma burns fat directly at the fat cell
  • Liquid Labs Ma inhibits the aromatase enzyme, like arimidex or letrozole. This helps prevent gyno when added to a wet cycle
  • Liquid Labs Ma makes you more alert
  • Has been shown in some studies to enlarge the penis
  • Like any steroid or prohormone, Liquid Labs Ma can shut down your natural production, so it’s wise to use something like Rise and Swell for PCT (many people use it on cycle too to keep their test levels high).

If you are looking for a prohormone to make your physique look harder and more polished while increasing your strength, this is your hormone. It has the many benefits including possibly making your manhood more manly. This can be used in our stacks or you can use it as a stand alone prohormone. Get the results you have been dreaming of today and place your order now.







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