Liquid Labs Eq Pro-hormone review

Liquid Labs Eq: Product Review

Just what is Liquid Labs Eq Pro-hormone? The world of performance enhancing has long ago surpassed that of the steroids in baseball scandal. In every facet of our lives we seek an edge. People hire shady accountants, get insider trading tips, get botox, get fillers, have cosmetic surgery, etc. Our world has turned into a place where everyone is seeking an edge. To be stronger, to be leaner, to look younger, to be more beautiful. The bottom line is people are looking for an edge against competition real or imagined. In the world of fitness, everyone is looking for a supplement to make strength and size gains or to be leaner. Short of going to the dark side of illegal anabolic steroids, the last stop out of legal town is pro-hormones. So what pro-hormones should you use? The answer of course is Liquid Labs. This is a review about Liquid Labs Eq Pro-hormone, the precursor to Boldenone or equipoise.

Liquid Labs Eq Pro-hormone: A Look Under The Hood

What is Liquid Labs Eq pro-hormone? Why should you use it? What is the active ingredient? The active compound is 17beta-[1-keto-ethyl]-androsta-1,4-diene-3-one,17a-ol – this is a prohormone to boldenone which is a mild pro-hormone that may help increase hunger so you can eat more.  This is mildly anabolic with very little androgenic effects. This make this a poor stand alone product. It needs to be stacked with other compounds to be effective. It does have incredible synergy though when stacked in our bulking stack with Liquid Labs Te and   LG 1-Androstenolone and Liquid Labs A-dex. This stack is about as strong a bulking stack as there is on the planet, all while being 100% legal. Don’t wait, fall is here, time to buy the Basic Mass Stack and watch your gains increase rapidly. Order your stack today!

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