LG Sciences PH 19 Review, Profile And Side Effects

Using prohormones during a cutting cyclePH-19 is one of the newest legal mass pro-hormones on the market. It’s becoming increasingly popular, being most notable for its similar muscle building properties as the illegal prohormone Tren (estra 4,9-dione). Men want to feel younger again and look their best, but exercise and diet just isn’t producing the results they need though. This is most likely due to an imbalance of testosterone to estrogen in the body. This imbalance occurs during aging and is elevated by environmental estrogens from chemicals in our food (preservatives), soap, cosmetics, plastic bottles and other daily sources. Having too much estrogen can lead to medical problems, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. PH 19 is giving men the edge they need to restore their androgen levels back and give them that physique they’ve always wanted.


PH 19’s side effects are minimal and considerably low compared to other mass builders available. The most positive attribute of this non-methylated product is that it is non-liver toxic. This means you will be able to run slightly longer cycles, at higher doses without worrying about later medical problems. Users report a feeling of better well-being, a sense of “alpha male” mentality. It increases aggression and improves overall focus. This aggression is due to an increase in adrenalin, which is why people are reporting significant gains in strength. PH-19 promotes mass building, enhanced strength and overall physical performance.

Muscle Building Effects

Muscle gains are between 8-12lbs on a 30 day cycle. PH-19 is much different from harsh 17a methylated hormones that hold intra-cellular water, appearing to be real muscle. Other compounds inhibit 11-hydroxylase which forces water into the cell, although feeling like muscle, it is not. Once the cycle is over and 11-hydroxylase levels return to normal, the water deflates from the muscle and all of the gains are lost. Although with 17a methyl steroids you may gains 18-20 lbs, only 8-10lbs may be real muscle- the short lived muscle size certainly isn’t worth the potential liver damage. With PH-19, you keep all of your hard earned gains. Each workout contributes to the health of the muscle creating dense, hard gains. Anyone looking to bulk up and put on some serious muscle will enjoy what this product has to offer.

Testimonials/Feedback From Users

James T. | PH-19 Review

“When I ran PH-19 I felt better at the gym, and noticed my recovery was shorter. Anything that can give me more time in the gym makes me happy- I practically live there!”

Mass Gains: I gained 11lbs over a 30 days cycle, which really surprised me. I was used to gaining 3-4lbs on a cycle. So far, the gains have stuck and I’m excited for my next cycle.

Strength Gains: With ever pound of muscle gained, I seemed to become stronger. Most of my major lifts went up 15lbs. The added aggressive kept me going through my whole routine. My friend that spots me noticed that I was working more intense. I told him about PH-19 and now he’s looking into it himself.

Side effects: I noticed some slight acne during my cycle, but nothing terrible. Other than that my sex drive wasn’t as over the top as usual, but I had no problem getting it up when I needed to. I still had a pretty high sex drive, so no complains there. Using a cycle aid, my blood pressure stayed fine the whole time, I had no headaches like I experienced with past pro-hormones.

Overall: I’m very satisfied with how I performed with PH-19 and will be running more cycles soon. I noticed the effects after a few days, but they were sure to come. My muscles look much better and I miss the energy I had on cycle. The only thing I would do different is slightly increase my protein levels on my next cycle.

Alex W. | PH-19 Review

Muscle mass: During my cycle of PH-19, I gained 9lbs of muscle and dropped 3% body fat. I look more toned and my abs are a lot more visible than before- which is a big plus!

Mood: On cycle I had a lot more energy and aggression. I felt like lifting weights all the time, hitting the gym wasn’t a problem on Mondays. I felt more rested in the morning. I could feel this improving my time at work. Being in the construction department, I had more drive to get things done, with energy left for lifting in the evening.

Strength: This was a 4 out of 5. I broke through a plateau that I had formed over the past few months and beat a lot of my personal record during max lifts. I gained 20lbs on my deadlift, and 10lbs on my other exercises. I’m hoping to see my lifts increase some more on my next cycle!

All in all: I’m defiantly going to be using PH-19 again! I didn’t have any problem with sides, nothing that was noticeable. I’m interested now to see what PH-19 has to offer. I was skeptical at first about how well it would work since most products I used couldn’t meet their claims. I‘ve became tired of wasting my money on hyped products. This is the best muscle building supplement I’ve ever used, I’ll be buying some more soon!



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