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Legal Steroids There are lots of web sites offering to sell you “legal steroids” on the internet and often they will bundle these products into stacks that supposedly give you an additive effect.  Sadly many of these “legal steroid” sites don’t provide anything steroidal at all…

Best case these guys offer bug steroids called “ecdysterones” and plant sterols which are technically steroids but aren’t the “anabolic steroids” that they try to claim to mimic.  These products will typically have names like steroids “Anadral” or “Dekka” or “Anovar” or “Winstral”.   That’s usually the first sign that you are being sold some useless bullshit in a capsule.

Even worse are the sites that claim “Legal Steroids” and sell you some useless herbs instead. I’ve seen some really poor formula’s.  It’s not that some herbs don’t work, but most of them use terrible herbs that don’t do anything for testosterone like Saw Palmetto.  You may order these and literally end up with 25 cents worth of “saw dust” in a capsule.

RULE #1 – if you can’t find the ingredients on the web site STAY AWAY!

Anabolic steroids are illegal to ship and sell, thus they don’t exist on the internet.  What does exist are legal prohormones like the ones we sell here on M&M.   Prohormones are steroids, but they are not anabolic steroids on their own.  That means that they don’t have direct activity for building muscle, they simply convert into active steroids like 4-Andro to Testosterone, 1-Andro to 1-Testosterone and 1,4-Andro to Boldenone.   These are capable of giving you the mass gains that you desire and a good 5-12lbs of muscle is achievable on these products if you workout like a beast and eat healthy protein.


So, why do people “stack” these legal steroids?  Simply, there is the belief that 1+1=3…

This means that taking 125mg of 1-Andro stacked with 125mg of EpiAndro is better than taking 250mg of 1-Andro by itself.  There is some data supporting this idea, since steroids do seem to have a range of different activities in the body. So, you can either double the current “steroid” or prohormone that you are taking or add in a different prohormone.

Stacking prohormones (which are legal steroids but just not active androgens) is a good idea since you can see some great results from them.   The body can convert these hormones into the proper active steroids that will help you build muscle with proper diet and hard exercise.


Here are some great prohormone stacks:

  • 1-Andro + EpiAndro – a very dry stack that gives solid gains plus muscle hardness and definition.  This is great for strength!

  • 1,4-Andro + 4-Andro – a wet stack that increases appetite which is great for bulking!  Eat big.

  • 1-Andro + 4-Andro – the classic stack that’s been around for 10 years.  1-Test + Test gives good gains without much in the way of side effects.

  • 5aOHP + EpiAndro – this is a strength and density stack with little side effects.

  • 5aOHP + 1,4-OHP – the true side effect free stack is easy on the hair and no aggression yet still great gains!

Stacks can provide benefits over just taking more of the same.  It’s important that you understand what your goals are before you just throw the house at everything!  You can put together your own stack or buy the basic cut stack or the basic mass stack.



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