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The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 took away many effective prohormones and steroids that were available over the counter. Everyone remembers andro and M1T, right? That’s because they were effective and available. So here we are in 2011, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 is long past, and quite a few more prohormones and steroids have been banned since then.

The good news is that there are still perfectly legal prohormones available for purchase over the counter. These are DHEA based prohormones, meaning that they are various forms of DHEA. Don’t mistake these as being the same as the DHEA that you find in the anti-aging section of your local vitamin store. Each of these prohormones converts to some target hormone which is different depending on the prohormone. Many people find that the newer prohormones are comparable to the old “andro” prohormones (for example 4-DHEA being comparable to the old 4-AD). Below is a detailed list of the currently available DHEA prohormones.

4-DHEA – This converts to the target hormone testosterone. This should give you solid gains that you will keep and you will feel great on it as testosterone is your body’s own natural muscle builder.

5-DHEA – Quite similar to 4-DHEA, this also converts to testosterone. It generally shares the same qualities as 4-DHEA.

1-DHEA – This converts to 1-testosterone. This is a “dry” prohormone meaning you should not experience subcutaneous water retention. Many prohormones that are considered dry are not great for building mass, but 1-DHEA seems to be an exception. As a side effect, some users experience lethargy or loss of sex drive.

19nor-DHEA – This prohormone is mild and light in terms of side effects. It converts to the target hormone nandrolone or “deca”.

Epiandrosterone – Epiandrosterone converts to the target hormone stanolone. This is not a big mass builder, but it is very dry and good for strength gains. It’s great for pre-workout because of its immediate effects on aggression and strength, and is also good to combine with 4-DHEA or 5-DHEA to reduce estrogenic effects.

So there you have it. These are all truly legal for over the counter sales at this point, and unlike quasi-legal methylated prosteroids, these are not liver toxic. They can also be combined to produce a desired effect such as 19nor-DHEA with 4-DHEA or 5-DHEA for a bulking stack. These should have you experiencing gains similar to those seen with prohormones of the past, without the liver damage and legality issues seen with oral prosteroids.


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