Legal Prohormones

What Legal Prohormones Are Left?

2014 was a rough year for the prohormone industry. The Designer Steroid/Prohormone Ban went into effect. It is known as HR 4771. It basically gives the DEA control over the issue of these products, instead of the FDA. The DEA is very aggressive in dealing with things, especially when they have a new toy, which this legislation essentially is. The FDA is a cumbersome  bureaucracy that takes a long time to get moving. In past legislation, there was a grace period as the law would go into place. This was not the case with HR 4771. The prohormones on the list were legal one day and illegal the next. It was a bit unfair because a lot of companies were caught sitting on a ton of products and lost millions of dollars. Well, as they say, all is fair  in love and war and the government literally declared war on prohormones. So what exactly was left when the dust settled? What legal prohormones were left to fill the void in the market? Well, our owner had the foresight to put patents on 3 compounds; 1- DHEA, 4-DHEA, and 19-NOR. Any of these compounds being sold by any company other than AMS, LG Sciences, or Liquid Labs is doing so illegally if they are not paying royalties. Now that Hi Tech has purchased LG Labs and AMS, they will be chasing down all the companies who illegally use our patented compounds.


Liquid Labs=Legal Prohormones For Mass

Liquid Labs is the strongest prohormone line on the planet period! End of discussion! There is nothing stronger or more effective. This fact isn’t disputable. How do I know this? Because we make it and I know the laws in this industry. If there is something more effective, it isn’t legal! We designed the Liquid Labs Pro Series to be the gold standard product line in this industry. We made a whole line of products that can be used as stand alone’s or bought at a discount in stacks that take advantage of the synergy of the various products. Below will be a brief description of these products and the anabolic steroid they mimick.

  • Te- The center piece of the entire Liquid Labs line. It is a 4-DHEA derivative and as such, becomes testosterone in the system. It is considered a wet hormone because it does in fact aromatize, resulting in a conversion to estrogen. This is both good and bad. To have maximum muscular growth, some estrogen is necessary. However, too much conversion to estrogen results in gynecomastia and other problems. This is literally like taking 500 mg of testosterone enanthate. 
  • Pr- This 1-DHEA based compound acts very much like Primobolan in the body. 1-DHEA cannot be aromatized into estrogen. This gives you incredible leans gains with out side effects. It can be used as a stand alone, but it works better in synergy in our Basic Mass Stack. It solidifies the gains made from the other compounds, like Te.
  • Eq- Made as a derivative of 1-DHEA, this is a wet hormone that acts dry. The longer you take it, the drier your cycle becomes. It’s great as a stand alone hormone, but it works great in concert with Te and Pr to make up our Basic Mass Stack. It alleviates joint pain while kicking your hunger into high gear.

These 3 compounds make up our Basic Mass Stack. This is very powerful in it’s combined effect. To put on size fast and legally, this is the best line on the market. Try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It also comes with LG EPIC pre-workout to amp you up to train like a monster and take full advantage of the hormones. We have literally thought of everything on this stack. Order yours today and get growing. Tis the season for putting on quality muscle so that 2016 is your best beach look yet!


Liquid Labs=Best Prohormones For Cutting

When it comes time to shred that hard earned off season mass, look no further than The Basic Cut Stack. Some of these components again can be used as stand alone’s, but they worst best in synergy. The following will answer more about the compounds in this stack.

  • Wi- This 17 beta based prohormone. As such, it is very mild in it’s effects, but still a strong hormone. This compound is best used in a stack to promote a dry, harder look.
  • Ma- This compound is made from epiandrosterone, which converts to DHT. This promotes a very hard and dry look on the physique. This makes The Basic Cut stack an amazing tool for shedding body fat rapidly. 

These above two compounds are working in the background of the Te base molecule. These two stacks are the absolute best stacks on the market period. There is nothing better. Oh, I am sure someone will mention SARMs, so here is my reply. Some companies in this industry have been unscrupulous and are selling SARMs. Two of them have recently been sued. Make no mistake, SARM’s are ILLEGAL The following quote sums it up nicely “Make no mistake – any company selling these as “supplements” is being completely deceptive. There is no possible way on earth that these are FDA / DSHEA compliant,[24] and it is seriously only a matter of time before the FDA and DEA drop a serious ban-hammer on these products and the companies importing, selling, and manufacturing them. Quite frankly, nobody is even arguing this point.” What makes this completely stupid is that every year we as an industry are fighting off the FDA and politicians who are on a witch hunt against all supplements. If consumers keep buying illegal products put out by these “make a quick buck companies,”that raise the ire of the FDA and the DEA, we will all be buying high priced supplements from Big Pharma.

Advanced Cut

Legal Prohormones: Liquid Labs

The leader in the prohormone market is Mind and Muscle with out flagship Liquid Labs Pro Series. We started with LG Sciences over a decade ago and have pretty much led the entire industry with LG and AMS. Now we have perfected the hormones, and more importantly, the synergy of these products. These are amazingly strong products that produce RESULTS!!! If you seriously want to make a change in your body, these are the most cutting edge products being produced. Order yours today so you can push your progress into high gear tomorrow.


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