Kelsey Proper Blog 8/22/2014 - Mind And Muscle

Kelsey Proper Blog 8/22/2014



So this has been a very busy week and it went by fast! They always seem to. Not really sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Todd and I trained together on Monday and Tuesday this week, just waiting to get the video edits back and we will post them :]

Weighed myself this morning, 144. I’m still hovering right around this area even though I’m definitely putting on muscle and am getting stronger. I don’t tend to worry about my weight too much, but am trying to keep better track for diet purposes. I’m still at 1200 calories a day, spread out over 6 meals.

Oh bonus! (Side note)  I actually finally deep cleaned my kitchen. It’s been so long since I’ve done like a really good job at it. The top of my stove had so much shit on it from cooking everyday that you couldn’t even tell it was a stove. After a half hour I was able to all the grease and grime off of it. Now we will see how long it actually stays that way!

So on Monday we trained Delts. I’ll try to remember the workout. I’m probably not going to remember the weights though :[

Rear Delt Flies – 4 working sets

Shoulder Press – 4 working sets

Barbell Front Raises – 4 working sets

Upright rows – 7 sets o’ 12

Arnold Press- 4 working sets

I’m pretty sure that was it. Or at least faily accurate haha!


Tuesday was Back day! One of my favorites.

Assisted pull-ups – 4 working sets

Dumbbell Pullovers – 5 working sets

Seated Rows – 4 working sets

Wide grip Lat Pulldowns – 4 working sets

I feel like there was something else that we did, but I can’t recall. Whoops :]


Anyways, Wednesday was Ass day (glutes and hams) also my cheat meal day! (Yessss)

Lying leg curls – 5 x 15

Glute extension – 4 x 10

Adduction – 4 x 10

Abduction – 4 x 10

Hack quats- 5 x 8

Seated leg curls – 4 x 15

Standing Calves – 5 x 12


Thursday was Chest :]

Incline press – 4 x10

Flat flies – 10 x 10

Ladder pushups – 100 reps

Standing Calves – 10 x 10


Haven’t quite decided what to do today yet. If you’re still reading this, god bless your heart! We will have more videos posted soon! :]




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