Team Juggernaut Bodybuilder Jake Pacion Talks With - Mind And Muscle


Age: 24
Height: 5’9

     How did you get started?

I got started in bodybuilding from my friend Emmet Browne I had a setback a while ago in 2012 that changed my life around and believe me did I learn my lesson. I won’t get into it because that was me in the past. Me now I have grown up more responsible, more mature, and just more of everything. After an incident, my whole life turned around and I used what had happened to fuel the fire inside me for my first competition in bodybuilding. My coach was my friend Emmet Browne, the hardest thing I had ever done in my life Emmet put me through it was the Nicole Wilkins show in July of 2012. I actually competed against my training partner Jordan Janowitz. He won it and no doubt he earned it I was nowhere near his level or any of those guys level, to be honest. After my first show, I loved it fell in love with bodybuilding. I had also had a lot of rage and fire built up inside from past relationships and finding out who my real friends are. After that first show one day I made a comment on Jordan Janowitz profile picture jokingly but maybe being serious too… haha, not sure. After that comment was made I said to him we should lift sometime and we did we trained for the first time at Novi Powerhouse I was small as hell compared to him. After our first training session, I told him we should train more often and kept saying that a few times after we had trained a few more times. So it began Jordan Janowitz showed me the real way to train insane and I have been doing this ever since I started training with Jordan. Huge improvements were being made after meeting Jordan he then took me to Easter Michigan University where I was planning to go to school at, and I met his coach Carl Jackson who soon became my coach. After talking and meeting with CJ and training with Jordan insane improvements were made, I mean my body was changing rapidly Heavyweight, yelling, and getting yelled at by Jordan for every rep every set we keep intensity high and always have moving heavy weight all the time as much as we can. From here on Jordan Janowitz has been my training partner now for 4 years and Carl Jackson has been my coach/friend/mentor for 4 years as well and we have made insane improvements in my build and still ongoing.



     What was the hardest part about your transformation?

Nothing really, you just have to be able to give it your all leave all that pain, and suffering out on the gym floor and kill every lift and stick to the diet. Hardest thing about my transformation I guess maybe would be legs always had to move heavy weight and really dig deep for that deep burn and get those legs full of massive amounts of blood to blow them up during the lift. Hamstrings, in particular, have come up a lot along with my quads but hamstrings were and still are the hardest part of transforming into their full potential still.


     What is your life like now that you’ve made a transformation?

My life now is great that I have been doing this for so long I do not regret anything I have done up until this point, I love bodybuilding and the small circle of trustworthy, loyal, respectful, and honest relationships I have built with people. I would not have met these people if it weren’t for meeting up with Jordan and Carl.



     What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

I enjoy the suffering and love to just see insane results growing and pushing the body beyond its limits seeing new things happen and appear monthly. Plus I love to eat! I workout to eat, feel pain and have fun.


     What is your current training philosophy?

Get out of your comfort zone, cause some pain, yes your going to suffer, and lift some heavy ass weight. Make life a lot harder and train insane. People I see people I know I see training and I’m jus thinking that looks way to comfortable how do you intend on seeing insane results from doing that weight and taking long rest breaks. Less Rest More Work



     What is your approach to nutrition?

Stick to the diet and you will be all good. My approach to nutrition is how my coach Carl Jackson has set it up from the beginning me being that I’m carb sensitive I love Carb Back Loading. It’s been working for CJ and me for the 4 years I’ve been working with him. Staying lean, getting bigger, eating whatever I want after the workouts then back to the diet after the pwo meal. It’s a great way to stay lean and keep burning fat while training.


     Do you bulk and cut or stay lean year round?

I try to stay lean year around but it’s like I’m bulky and cut year round not one or the other. Abs in offseason yes at least visible, I try to stay as lean as possible if I have to I’ll go to eating clean foods after working out for a few months to get back on track or if my coach CJ sees something and wants it to change.



   How do you handle your nutrition being a full-time college student and working?

You just handle it. No Excuses. No Complaining. I deal with it and I’m sorry but things in the fitness industry should not be sugar coated and I won’t sugar coat it because it is what it is for everyone trying to diet. Yea its hard yea its rough yea it takes time but everything does that’s worth it.


    What does your supplementation look like?

Protein Powder


Multi-Vitamin & Greens Supplement

Pre Workout


     What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness industry?

Biggest accomplishment was winning the Great Lakes Ironman I won my light-heavy weight class being the lightest light heavyweight up there I weighed in at 177lbs. I’m not sure what I weighed after I kept carbing up maybe 180lbs. Besides that just growing overall in general networking and meeting different people that are humble in this lifestyle.



      Favorite Quote:

“Less Rest More Work. You wanna talk get out of the gym and head to a social gathering”


        What are your best 3 tips for someone looking to reach their goal physique?

  1. Stick To the diet and deal with it

2. Train Insane, Lift out of your comfort zone and move some heavy weight, bring pain and suffering to every workout.

  1. Quit stalling taking longer rest breaks ex: taking a long time to tighten wrist wraps, tie your shoes, tighten your belt, looking for a song on iPod etc.. keep the blood moving bigger the pump the better the results.
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